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Default 2007 Chrysler Sebring - Multiple Issues

I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L that ran into multiple issues yesterday. My check engine light has been on for almost 2 years now, but I've had no mechanical issues with the car itself... Earlier this week, my battery light appeared on my dash and it came to a point where it just wouldn't start. So I replaced my battery and the car started right up. I noticed that it was still hesitating to start the day after and the battery light still appeared.

As I was driving to work yesterday(battery light still on), my radio began turning itself off and on. Then, a couple of minutes later, the car stayed in 3rd gear and wouldn't go up or down. I did make it to work but when I tried to turn the car back on after shutting it off, it wouldn't happen. I waited a couple hours, went back outside, and it started again. My boss came out while it was running and unhooked negative on the battery and the car still ran, leading me to believe it's not the alternator faulting, but I could be wrong.

I attempted to take the car back home, but ran into the same issue. It took about a minute for the battery light to come on. Then 2 or 3 minutes later I was stuck in 3rd gear again. About 3 minutes after that my ebrake light would pop up quickly every 5 seconds and would beep. Then I received a yellow lightning bolt light on my dash and that's when the car would start to shutter and die.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I'm just trying to give all the info I have in hopes to find a resolution without spending a ton. Any help is appreciated.
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There are several computers in modern cars that control most of the functions from engine to transmission down to heater controls and door locks. When the computer detects something wrong it lights a light on the instrument panel to alert you to a problem. The nature of the problem is stored in the computer in the form of an error code. Using the proper diagnostic equipment, a trained technician can read the error codes and arrive at the correct diagnosis of what is wrong with the car. Guessing at the source of the problem is a waste of time and money.
Driving a car around for two years with the "check engine" on is a bad practice and can lead to the need for much more expensive repairs than might be necessary if the problem were addressed early on.
Get the error codes properly read (many auto parts stores will do it for free, although they don't have the best of scanners) and with a proper diagnosis, the needed repairs can get done. The car won't fix itself but it's trying to tell you something by lighting up those lights.
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