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Old 03-19-2011, 06:12 PM
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Default Electric door not closing

We have a 2004 grand voyager xs. The passenger door does not close automatically. Pressing the button, it opens fine and goes to close, but gets almost to shutting, and then it's like something is stopping it, and it just goes back to wide open position again.

Clearly all the remote & motors are working fine, it just something is stopping it close fully.

Any ideas?? - without forking out loads to take it to a chrysler dealer? Have checked, and there doesn't seem to be anything blocking/stopping it.

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Old 03-19-2011, 07:18 PM
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The "Reversing " action is a safety failsafe. If a "Child" (Or otherwise unintelligent Adult for that matter) were to get their head stuck in a closing door, it would be fatal.


If it were to stop dead in its tracks,with no abnormal grinding or screeching noises, you would suspect wiring, stopping accompanied by grinding and screeching, you would suspect motor drive or or broken guides, But reversing direction is only caused by one thing....Mechanical binding.....

On the later models , 08 thru 11, there is a software update to lessen the sensitvity of the door "Failsafe, " but as for 04 ...your on your own...

There is a roller at the top of the sliding door, a roller below the quarter glass, and a hinge/Roller at the bottom.....Make sure they are all generously lubed, and that the rollers still "ROLL" , instead of dragging along.
Chrysler also issued a service bulletin for "Lower Hinges" and "Door Adjustment" but I'm not sure of the years involved at the moment..If all else fails, it may be worth hunting it down for a look..
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