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I can’t believe they did this

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Default I can’t believe they did this

I got a good lesson about how poor some Dodge service departments can be[sm=badbadbad.gif] I took my wife's 06 Sebring W/ 2.7L in to have them install my synthetic oil and filter, don’t want to take any chances. I take it back to her at work and fine out they only installed 4.5 qts of oil[sm=wtf.gif] and not the 5qt’s it takes for an oil & filter change[sm=icon_rtfm.gif]

Went back in my truck to raise hell (I don't like to drive any engine 1/2 qt low on oil) and was told by the Service Manager they do it on all cars;[sm=badidea.gif] and that they fill them to the middle range on the dipstick[sm=smiley35.gif] I asked if he did the same on my Cummins diesel and he said no because they can’t use less oil in a diesel engine as its not good for it and that they use what ever amount of oil the book said is required for an oil & filter change. But yet they think it’s OK to short oil on a gas engine as the oil will expand and contract or some such [sm=WTFsgign.gif]

Was also told the next time I bring her car in for service to tell them to make a note to the tech and also in the computer so that they will install all 5 qt’s of oil and also so that they know it was filled to the full mark on the dip stick. [] He said they fill it this way (he said they have to train there techs to do it this way) as it's a fast and easy way (to look at the dipstick) to see if any car they have serviced is using oil [sm=bs.gif] My self I have never heard of such BS in all my life as all they are doing is saving them selves’ money by short filling the oil. [sm=icon_quiet.gif] I wonder how much extra money they are making for them selves (it’s a small town Dodge/Toyota dealership) by shorting everybody 1/2 qt of oil when you let them install Dodge/Toyota oil and filter? [sm=bustedsign.gif]

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Default RE: I can’t believe they did this

Well i work at a dealership and i think that is stupid funny sounds like he got caught doing something and was back peddling. You might want to check your repair order and see what the order says for oil installed you will probably find it says they used 5 qts and not the 4 1/2 he said they always use. Not all dealers are like that sorry you got one.

And might i add nice smiley work very impressive
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Default RE: I can’t believe they did this

That's how many places work. It doesn't hurt anything on a gas engine because that is the "safe" opperating range, but I agree with you 100% that the oil should be up to the full mark! They're called DEALER****S
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Default RE: I can’t believe they did this

agreed, as long as it isnt at the LOW mark youll be fine but still. shoddy dealer if you ask me. thats why i do everything to my own vehicle. Im a certified tech, i only trust myself. whether its an oil change or an engine/tranny change or more, that way i know its done right and i also get some pride outta a job done myself. besides, an oil change is what?.............10-15 minutes or less?? just do it yourself.
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