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RacingJunk 12-24-2017 03:16 AM

63 Dodge

1963 Dodge Polara 500 Car was professionally built for Comp Cams pump Gas Street & Drags, ran Memphis in less than 20 passes on car and 1000 street miles. Car was built to run mid 9 sec but is streetable. Magazine centerfold in a few different publications including worlds fastest streetcars. Car weighs 3300 lbs, it went 10.14 @ 146 on pump gas and a 100 shot of NOS. 2nd stage has never been fired. Built with a 9:40 target index. Only 7300 500ís produced.

Engine: Built by Pat Forsyth 477 cid Wedge, 648 hp without NOS, Have Dyno and build sheets, Motor Castings aftermarket Siamese Mega Block, 10.5-1 compression, Miller aluminum con rods, Callies crank, Ross custom pistons for NOS application, external single line oil system, 7quart pan, , ported Indy cylinder heads, Indy, intake rockers with offset, exhaust are aviation steel comps for super strength, Ultradyne 640" lift cam, Indy intake, Indy valve covers, 1250 dominator, 2 stage NOS system, aftermarket balancer, billet Mopar distributor, RSI billet elec water pump, elec fan, Griffin a...

Posted by: jaye
Post Date: December 17, 2017
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