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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster endangers FCA's Magneti Marelli sale
  2. Recharge Wrap-up: Renault-Nissan at COP22, BMW launches Cruise e-Bike
  3. Dodge revamping lineup with AWD Challenger and lighter Charger
  4. Labor Day: A look back at the largest UAW strikes in history
  5. Revisiting the 2008-09 auto bailout that saved GM and Chrysler
  6. Feds investigating FCA sales fraud focusing on strange code word
  7. Germany says Fiat Chrysler also cheats on diesel emissions
  8. Watch a roundabout foil a driver fleeing from the cops
  9. Five innovations that prove minivans don't have to be boring
  10. FCA and ZF issue recall on nine-speed automatic transmission
  11. Samsung might buy Magneti Marelli, FCA's parts supplier
  12. Federal grand jury issues subpoenas to U.S. FCA dealers
  13. FCA explains, updates sales reporting in wake of investigation
  14. FCA spends $1.5 billion to retool plant for Ram production
  15. Junkyard Gem: 1977 Chrysler Cordoba with Corinthian Leather
  16. FCA recalling 323,000 cars for wiring, software issues
  17. FCA fibbed on sales according to internal report
  18. FCA under investigation for fraud by FBI, SEC, and DOJ
  19. Mystery shoppers love Infiniti, hate Tesla
  20. 2017 North American Car, Truck, and Utility of the Year entries announced
  21. Queens man knows how to party, disrupts Mets game with van
  22. FCA facing class-action lawsuit over Grand Cherokee shifters
  23. Jeep to stop using bad Takata airbag inflators next week
  24. Dodge Viper to end production after 2017
  25. Junkyard 1983 Dodge Rampage has Franco-American roots
  26. Marchionne says electric Maserati may debut by 2019
  27. Fiat Chrysler chief still says EVs can't make money
  28. Huge Canadian sinkhole destroys four-lane road, swallows car
  29. Fiat seeking autonomous partnerships with Uber and Amazon
  30. Recharge Wrap-up: Storm Pulse EV touring motorcycle, Elio COO launches YoYo car subsc
  31. Wolverine will drive weird custom Chrysler 300 in next X-Men movie
  32. Brand new cars are being sold with defective Takata airbags
  33. May 2016: FCA wins, Ford and GM stumble on weak car volumes
  34. Reid Bigland appointed CEO of Alfa Romeo, Maserati
  35. You can own Don Draper's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible
  36. Germany threatens to ban FCA vehicles over diesel emissions dispute
  37. 2017 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Nurburgring crash caught on video
  38. Question of the Day: Ever consider driving a minivan?
  39. GM, Ford, Honda winners in 'Car Wars' study as industry growth continues
  40. Chevy Camaro ZL1 10-speed auto shifts faster than Porsche PDK
  41. Jeep driver nearly gets washed away by fast moving river
  42. Will the Chrysler 300 go front-wheel drive?
  43. Pickups that blur the line between car and truck
  44. Next-gen Jeep Wrangler to pack 300-hp Hurricane turbo four
  45. Google-FCA deal is a coup for both sides
  46. Google and FCA will build autonomous minivans together
  47. Minivans could be key to Google-FCA self-driving partnership
  48. FCA recalls 1.1 million vehicles worldwide due to confusing shifter
  49. Watch Jay Leno's Garage work on a Porsche 911 and others
  50. If Tesla Model 3 is successful, Sergio Marchionne will copy it
  51. Dodge Dart pushed toward the grave with simplified lineup
  52. Poor Chrysler 200 sales blamed for 1,420 layoffs in Sterling Heights
  53. Woman throws coffee at man over handicapped parking spot
  54. 2017 Chrysler 300S Sport Appearance Package makes tweaks
  55. Jeep will build old Wranglers next to new ones in Toledo
  56. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica First Drive
  57. NHTSA, IIHS, and 20 automakers to make auto braking standard by 2022
  58. North Carolina driver charged for flattening Trump sign
  59. 1990 Chrysler Imperial is a forgettable American luxury sedan
  60. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica will start at $29,590
  61. Maserati Levante will borrow Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid's PHEV powertrain
  62. FCA seeks partner to keep building Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200
  63. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica scores near top on minivan mpg
  64. 2016 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Reunion
  65. Marchionne hopes Apple will partner with Fiat
  66. Recharge Wrap-up: VW Caddy TGI BlueMotion, VR tour of Tesla Model X
  67. Automakers not currently promoting EVs are probably doomed
  68. Chrysler gets presidential in ads for 200 and 300
  69. FCA's shifter fiasco proves novel gear selectors are a bad idea
  70. Killing the Dart and 200 might lower FCA's fuel economy burden
  71. Chrysler recalls 112k family-haulers over airbag controllers
  72. Continental Automotive recalls 5 million airbag control units
  73. Buy Ford and GM stock and make 5%
  74. Unboxing Chrysler's ridiculous Pacifica board game/media kit
  75. The mad genius of killing the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200
  76. Ten of the greatest Super Bowl car commercials of all time
  77. Say goodbye to the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200
  78. FCA goes all-in on Jeep and Ram brands on cheap gas bet
  79. We aren't the only ones who want a Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat
  80. Marchionne blames design 'dummies' for poor Chrysler 200 reception
  81. Weekly Recap: Obama reflects on the auto bailout's legacy
  82. 2025 SRT Hellcat concepts as previewed by high schoolers
  83. Audi gets Q2 and Q4 badges in trademark swap with FCA
  84. Dealer chain accuses FCA of paying dealers to pad sales
  85. Lexus LC 500 dominates 2016 EyesOn Design Awards
  86. Interview with FCA Head of Passenger Car Brands Tim Kuniskis | 2016 NAIAS Live
  87. Interview with FCA Head of Design Ralph Gilles | 2016 NAIAS Live
  88. Why Chrysler made the Pacifica Hybrid
  89. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica videos detail features and hybrid tech
  90. Chrysler Press Conference | 2016 NAIAS Live
  91. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid electrifies the family hauler
  92. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is perfect for town and country
  93. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: The 80-MPGe minivan [w/video]
  94. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica isn't your parents' Town & Country [w/video]
  95. Marchionne backs off merger plans, could retire after 2018
  96. FCA adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to Uconnect
  97. Ferrari and FCA are officially separated
  98. Question of the Day: Most heinous act of badge engineering?
  99. Chrysler honors Arsenal of Democracy's 75th anniversary
  100. What will Detroit do with the abandoned AMC headquarters?
  101. Fiat Chrysler, surprise, had to buy a lot of emissions credits
  102. Why the Detroit Three should merge their engine operations
  103. Chrysler minivans spied in group test
  104. Fiat Chrysler will pay $70M to settle safety disclosure suit
  105. FCA goes natural with CNG fleet
  106. Sergio rethinks FCA-GM merger idea, dismisses critics
  107. Mopar introduces winter tire and wheel packages
  108. Ferrari borrows $2.6 billion to finance FCA spinoff
  109. Mopar highlights wild SEMA creations, AWD Challenger Concept
  110. Towing with the 2016 Ram lineup [w/video]
  111. Mopar teases four of 'nearly 20' SEMA Show concepts
  112. UAW ratifies FCA contract
  113. Ferrari families have 'agreement' to prevent takeover
  114. 2017 Chrysler Town & Country shows its 200-inspired face
  115. Ferrari raises $893M, valued at $12B
  116. Ferrari stock demand exceeding supply
  117. Fiat brand chief reassigned then resigns amid flagging sales
  118. UAW reveals more details for tentative FCA deal
  119. Autoblog Minute: UAW and FCA avoid strike, Clarkson teases new show
  120. Autoblog Minute: No strike, FCA and UAW reach tentative agreement
  121. Proposed deal averts strike between FCA and UAW
  122. Strike looms for FCA workers as soon as Wednesday night
  123. Ford Mustang was almost 'Imported from Detroit'
  124. FCA names Mike Manley head of Ram brand
  125. FCA to pay buyers $1,700 to swap out of scandal-mired VWs
  126. FCA employees likely to reject UAW contract
  127. FCA US under-reported death and injury claims to NHTSA
  128. FCA workers get raises, health care co-op in new UAW deal
  129. Autoblog Minute: Weekly Recap for 9.18.15
  130. FCA and UAW deal could mean huge production shakeups
  131. Sergio: Two-tier wage structure eliminated in FCA deal with UAW [w/video]
  132. UAW chooses FCA as lead bargaining company
  133. Pontiac Aztek enjoys rebirth thanks to Millennials
  134. Autoblog Minute: New car customer satisfaction down according to latest ACSI report
  135. Auto Mergers and Acquisitions: Suicide or salvation?
  136. Marchionne's FCA-GM merger might come after Ferrari spinoff
  137. Autoblog Minute: Marchionne seems prepared to lead FCA in takeover of GM
  138. Detroit 3 and UAW could create healthcare pool
  139. FCA's Pentastar V6 gets more power, efficiency for 2016
  140. Chrysler celebrates 90 years with special trim levels
  141. FCA recalls over 200k Jeep Cherokees for windshield wiper static
  142. Marchionne may stay with FCA until 2020
  143. Marchionne ready to get tough with GM over merger
  144. Next Chrysler Town & Country will have foot-operated rear doors
  145. Chrysler 300 SRT dead in US, updated elsewhere
  146. New Barracuda, Grand Cherokee Trackhawk coming soon
  147. Recharge Wrap-up: Nissan Murano Hybrid in China, FCA hearts E15
  148. 78k Chrysler 200 sedans recalled for stalling
  149. Supplier says Jeep Cherokee hack only affects FCA cars
  150. Autoblog Minute: FCA hit with record fine, issues recall and buyback
  151. NHTSA investigating Harman Kardon for software vulnerabilities
  152. Weekly Recap: FCA hit with record fine as NHTSA crackdown continues
  153. FCA profits surge in second quarter
  154. Autoblog Minute: FCA unveils 4x4 all-weather drive cell
  155. Fiat Chrysler exec talks up the future of fuel cells
  156. The problem with how automakers confront hacking threats
  157. NHTSA closes investigation on 4.7M FCA power modules, no recall
  158. UAW may be key to forced FCA merger with GM
  159. Certain Chrysler owners eligible for buy-back program
  160. Fiat Chrysler to get $105m fine from NHTSA for recall woes
  161. Are old airbags killers?
  162. How to update and secure a vulnerable Chrysler Uconnect system
  163. Harsh words from senators over Chrysler's delay in reporting hack
  164. FCA issuing software update for 1.4M vehicles to prevent hacking
  165. Ferrari officially files SEC paperwork to register future IPO
  166. Car Club USA: Chrysler Power Classic
  167. Apple picks up former FCA quality boss Doug Betts
  168. Jeep in St. Louis hacked from Pittsburgh
  169. FCA may sell off Magneti Marelli
  170. Fiat Chrysler wins top Total Quality Award for first time
  171. NHTSA looking into non-Takata airbag shrapnel case
  172. Ferrari IPO could come any day now
  173. NHTSA preparing to wallop FCA, automaker 'failed to do its job'
  174. MotorWeek retro review revisits the Chrysler PT Cruiser
  175. Jay Leno parades around in '52 Chrysler Imperial
  176. Dodge Grand Caravan to live in fleets through 2017
  177. GM, FCA retain financial advisors amid merger rumors
  178. Auto investor Kirk Kerkorian dead at 98
  179. Toyota, Ford not interested in FCA merger
  180. Marchionne now considering 'Plan B' partners for FCA merger
  181. Marchionne recruiting activist investors to prompt GM merger
  182. Fiat Chrysler Australia executive in trouble over misuse of company funds
  183. Ferrari stock sale pegged for October, or later
  184. Honda poised for growth, Detroit to hold steady, Car Wars study says
  185. Mopar updates owner apps to make car ownership easier
  186. Ram, Jeep redesigns on hold, Alfa Romeo models may come sooner
  187. FCA chairman confirms Marchionne email to Barra
  188. Weekly Recap: Lamborghini to build SUV
  189. FCA cuts powertrain warranties to 60k miles
  190. Marchionne urges industry consolidation, again
  191. Takata adds millions to recall expansion in US
  192. Marchionne emailed Barra about merger between FCA and GM
  193. Marchionne defends FCA recalls, says Wrangler won't be all-aluminum
  194. Mopar boss promoted at FCA, still runs Mopar
  195. NHTSA to hold public hearing into FCA US for response to 20 recalls
  196. Marchionne impressed by 'that kid' Elon Musk
  197. Worker crushed to death at FCA's Jefferson North Assembly Plant
  198. Work at a Chrysler dealership, get free college education
  199. Weekly Recap: Marchionne's Manifesto again calls for industry consolidation
  200. FCA earnings improve in first quarter
  201. FCA recalling 63k Jeeps, Vipers and Ram ProMaster City vans
  202. Wards names its 2015 10 Best Interiors list
  203. Final Toledo Jeep decision may have nothing to do with city's efforts
  204. Weekly Recap: Lincoln Continental serves up the style, Cadillac CT6 delivers the subs
  205. Ralph Gilles named Fiat Chrysler head of design
  206. Bosch fined $57.8 million by DOJ for price fixing and bid rigging
  207. Detroit 3 and UAW set for showdown over tiered wages
  208. For some, getting a Fiat 500e last week was almost free
  209. Chrysler withdraws from UK market
  210. Bring back the Bronco! Trademarks we hope are actually (someday) future car names
  211. Dodge Hellcat orders on hold due to 'unprecedented demand'
  212. Marchionne open to combination with Ford or GM
  213. FCA updates 700k-vehicle recall to replace ignition switches
  214. Dodge recalling 2k SRT Hellcat Challengers and Chargers for fuel leak
  215. Chrysler recalling nearly half a million Durangos and Grand Cherokees
  216. 26k Chrysler 200 models recalled over parking woes
  217. Weekly Recap: Ferrari pens a provocative F1 car of the future
  218. Toledo continues fight for Jeep Wrangler production, despite mayor's death
  219. The USPS needs 180,000 new delivery vehicles, automakers gearing up to bid
  220. Next Chrysler minivan spied inside and out
  221. Recharge Wrap-up: Fiat 500X EV spotted? Senators request biodiesel increase
  222. This or That: 2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 vs. 1984 Pontiac Fiero
  223. What car should James Robertson buy to drive his famous 21-mile commute?
  224. Jeep still working to improve Cherokee's 9-speed auto
  225. Chrysler's next-gen minivans will get more expensive
  226. 2.1 million vehicles recalled again over faulty airbags
  227. FCA posts $716m profit in 2014, has big plans for 2015
  228. The best Super Bowl car commercials from the last 5 years
  229. Former Chrysler dealers could reopen under appeals court ruling
  230. Next Jeep Wrangler to get hybrid option?
  231. 2015 Ram 1500 Rebel is rugged, oddly styled
  232. Chrysler to reveal next minivan at 2016 Detroit Auto Show
  233. Ford barely edges surging Chrysler for Canadian sales crown in best year ever
  234. 2015 will be the biggest year ever for cars at CES
  235. Auto bailout cost the US goverment $9.26B
  236. Undersized grille was #1 complaint of 2011-2014 Chrysler 300 owners
  237. Time to catch up with Jay Leno's Garage, including his Lamborghini Espada restoration
  238. What you missed on 12.22.14
  239. 2015 Chrysler 300 [w/video]
  240. Weekly Recap: Chrysler forges ahead with new name, same mission
  241. Fiat Chrysler expands Takata airbag recall to 3.3M vehicles
  242. Chrysler officially rebrands as FCA US LLC
  243. 10 automakers shack up in Detroit hotel to talk Takata airbags
  244. Takata airbag recall claims 209k Chrysler, Dodge vehicles
  245. Big Black Friday discounts key to Chrysler 200 sales success
  246. Chrysler set to make $266M-investment into 8-speed transmission production
  247. Pete Grady retiring from Chrysler, Maserati
  248. Ford, Chrysler and Mazda expand scope of Takata airbag recalls
  249. Canada bailed out GM, Chrysler without really knowing what they were getting into
  250. Chrysler, Nissan minivans earn 'dire' crash test results, says IIHS [w/video]