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300m 3.5L no spark, fuel pressure perfect?

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Default 300m 3.5L no spark, fuel pressure perfect?

Hey new to forum, first post and really first major issue with my 00' 300m.
So here it goes....Was driving down the road a couple weeks ago the car stopped running, while driving, just pulled out from work and tried to give it gas and it just died. Seemed like it may have been out of gas so i went and got a couple gallons and tried to restart. Cranked a little better, could hear all the cylinders firing correctly, then it backfired through the intake and hasn't cranked over correctly since then.
Started my diagnosis by checking relays and fuses, all are good. Ran the codes and came up with p1684,p1391,p1687,p0456. The battery has not been removed recently. SO next i ran a pressure gauge to check the fuel pump, getting a full 58-60psi at the rail, checked the timing belt, its perfect, cleaned main engine bay grounds but still no start. Main issue at this point is there is no spark, new plugs are wet with fuel, still intake backfires due to built up intake gases but no fire. And when i say no fire i mean there is no voltage going to the coil packs, any of them.
I'm kind of stuck now, i'm thinking maybe it's a fusable link? But can't find where they're located. Any experience or info you could share would be greatly appreciated.
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1684:Battery Disconnect Disregard for now
1391:Intermittent loss Cam/crank position
1687: No Bus Dash instrument cluster
0456: Evap Small leak

1391 most likely causing no start.
("Checked the timing belt, its perfect" hope it has been replaced : 7yr/100k replacement interval and if it slips/breaks valve to piston contact will occur.)
Have seen crank sensors fail causing no start / no code Cam sensors also.
Hate to say "throw parts" but crank sensor signals PCM rotation and Cam sensor sends position so the PCM can send fuel and spark at the right time.
OEM sensors recommended as aftermarket ones don't last.

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Sorry, Guess i should have been more specific, when i said the timing belt is perfect i mean i removed the left cover slightly and turned the motor over by hand till tdc and the left cam and crank are where they should be and the belt seems tight. I was wondering if the crank sensor could be good so the fuel pump is pumping but the cam sensor is bad, but not sure if it would prevent spark. I'm gonna do some tests on the cam sensor and see how it turns out. Thanks for the advice.
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Checked the Cam sensor last evening. Ground is good, constant was around 9-10v, signal varied from .2-1.4v while cranking. So that means it's working correctly right? Going to hunt down the crank sensor and check it too. Then after that just work backwards i guess.
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did you ever come up with the cause of your no start? My daughter experienced the same issue driving my 300m special. Gave 4 codes, crank sensor, cam sensor, barometer and MAP. After great lengths of diagnostics the common denominator for all 4 codes was the C2 connector on the ECM. It had come loose. I now have it wire tied and its working as it should.
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