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1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

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Default 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

I have a 97 green Sebring Convertible with 98k miles on it and I love it to death. Although it creeks, groans, and grinds like any and all Chrysler vehicles with over 80k miles, it is one of the best cars I have ever owner. The 2.5 liter V6 motor is quick and reliable; I haven't had a single problem with the car (except for when my compass kept telling me I was going West for about 3,000 miles). At first I was skeptical about the new 05 Sebring Convertible, but when I saw it at the autoshow I was in awe. I would buy another one without a doubt, but I just wished that they would live for a little longer....
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

I want to buy 1997-2000 Sebring JX (JXI) convertible. Any suggestions regarding to what to pay attention to? Should I consider it if the milage is over 100k? JX or JXi would be better?
How does the top work, does it leak when gets old? Do you know of any general problems it has such as the engine, acceleration, gas consumption, transmission (I will buy automatic).
Is 1997 too old to buy now, should I search for newer ones?


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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

And one more question: how would you rate it compared to Dodge Stratus of the same years? That's my 2nd priority.

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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

I love these questions... I have a 98 sebring JXI,... By far the best car I have ever owned... The top doesn't leak at all if you take care of it. I am on my 4th transmission, but that's because I used to drive like an idiot... you can floor it off the line every time and it wont skip a beat, just don't try to burn out all the time, and no high rpm launches.... JX has a 1.8 liter inline 4, the JXI has a 2.5 liter V6... The JX is the cheaper model.. no fog lights, plastic hub caps, cloth seats, etc..... The JXI has the fog lights, alloy whels, and most of the time leather seats... they also have a higher end infinity 6 speaker stereo.. I don't know what the JX has... The dodge cars are the same, just not convertible top... Not as quick either,... buddy has one, and I don't like it at all.. ex girlfriend's mother drove one,... performed like crap...
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

Thanks for the reply!

Should I consider the Sebring JXI if it has > than 100k milage on it?

What are the things/parts that give problems usually?

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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

chrysler has never made a 1,8 liter has to be a 2.4 or 2.4
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

I dont know the 4 bangers.. I try to avoid the slower cars... I have this feeling that brad doesn't like me a whole lot.. but I do thank him for correcting me on more than one occasion. I dont want anyone getting confused... I was told it was like a 1.8 or 2.4 or something.. I dont remember...>>>>>> Nothing really goes wrong with these cars,... and mine has about 125k miles on it.. Just put some engine restore every 2000 miles or so and keep the fluids up like any other car... The main problems I've noticed are just like the top hydraulic line broke and I had to fix it and put some more fluid and ummm,... my dad broke the AC, but that was our fault... :-P Nothing really though.. basic maintainence...
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

Hello I knew Id find a forum for this car! AWSOME

I have a 97 Sebring JX that Im slowly turning into a CUSTOM JXI

I just put in a 400-watt pioneer sound system with CD head unit and new 6 X 9' and powered with an AUDIOBAHN Intake series power amp which is mounted in the trunk.

I just installed the fog lights in those stupid plastic "plugs". They did serve as a base to mount the new ROUND fog lights. I just used a roto zip and cut circles out of them and used some industrial "glue" to hold the new lights in. They look just like the stock units maybe just a touch smaller but a hell of a lot brighter.

I have custom TSW "RIB" wheels on order now Im just waiting for my wheel guys to get the tire sin. I hope tomorrow. Oh these are 18" Wheels!

My Sebring is the gold one with black top. It’s almost in mint condition. The body has a few imperfections but nothing at all that you would see at first glance. The top is perfect except that some of the seems around the windows at the trim have opened up. Something that can easily be fixed. I have about 88K miles on this car and I only really drive it on the weekends. It my second car. I own a custom audio video company and so I wanted something cool to cruse around with. I bought this car after being divorced for 2 years and wanting a cool car to have fun with when I meet some hotties

It was either this car or a BMW 325i. I figured I can wait for a BMW so I bought this beauty at a great cash deal and since I own it I can trick it out!

I love this car I drive it every chance I get. It’s my first convertible and I really like it at night when the top is down and the weather is perfect for it. Its summer here is AZ and so nights are perfect for a Convertible.

When I get the wheels on it maybe I can post some pics!

I love this car!
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

I do not have a garage and the place I live in has only an open parking area. Is this a problem for convertible JXI's top? I mean all the time under the sun and rain. Can this spoil the top?
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Default RE: 1997 Sebring JXi Convertible

As a vinal top Im sure over time the UV light will kill the top. Is your a white, brown or black colored top?

I have a black top on mine and when I bought the car it looked a little warn but it really wasnt it was just filthy. I found this bottle of McGuires vinal and rubber cleaner and I sware it made the top come back to its factory fresh condition. I use it from time to time just to keep the top protected and clean. It 8.00 a bottle and you dont need to use that much to clean the top so you will get more then your moneys worth from one spray bottle.

It will work for all the colored tops on these cars, I even used it on my dash board and it looks brand new and even wil give your car back its new car smell for a while


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