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Front end noise

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Default Front end noise

Last month, we took our 2001 Sebring LXi into the shop because we were hearing a clicking, popping noise coming from what sounds like the left front. I described it as a popping sound, like microwave popcorn in the final seconds of cooking. Kind of random as to timing - may be several pops in a row, then may be only one pop in the next 15 seconds or so, and on and on. The noise doesn't begin until we've drivin several miles, maybe at least 5 miles. Speed isn't a factor. This popping can be heard at 15 MPH or at 70 MPH. Once it begins popping, it doesn't stop until our trip is over, and the car sits and cools off. It may be related to the heat of the engine more than the miles driven. I don't know about that though. It's a real mystery. Of course, I've opened the hood to look for obvious causes - a loose part 'flapping', etc, etc. I'm certainly not a mechanic though, and really don't know what to look for.

The dealership replaced the left strut, realigned the front end, and said it was fixed. When we bought the car a couple of months ago, we also bought an extended warranty, since this 2001 only has 15,000 miles on it. Glad we have the warranty. Now, less than a month later, the problem is back, EXACTLY the same as it was the first time.

The technician who worked on it the first time said he'd had the same problem with two other Sebring Convertibles recently, and replacing the strut worked. The problem with our warranty is that the time it takes to "diagnose" the problem is chargeable to us. Never heard of such a thing! If they are able to diagnose what the problem is, the warranty MAY cover the cost of the diagnostic labor, but not necessarily.

Anyway, the problem is back. Are there any owners of Chrysler Sebring Convertibles out there who have had a similar problem with the front end? If so, what was the cure? I hate to go back to the dealership only to have their technicians play the 'guessing game' with this problem, while I stand in the customer service area with my hand on my wallet.


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Default RE: Front end noise

well i can tell ya that our head suspension tech does that a bit too but her has had 20 years exp doing it and well wehn that car comes in i see him put on upper ball joints all the time
the worst part of this is they are pressed in so doing it yourself is not easy price is pretty cheap but i know that does not matter.
by the way see if they can get it covered under the last fee after all its the same problem right asnd they did not fix it right. theys should at least waive the diag time due to the lack of diag the first time right.
talk to the service amnager and relay your concerns it the techs fault for miss diag.

dont yell though the more you get angry and yell the less they feel the need to help you.

good luck
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Default RE: Front end noise

Ummmm,... I had that problem one time... I was crusing about 110 and the rpm's were up a lil bit... about 3500-4000 it popped really loud 1 time... then I backed off,... and eventually made my way up to about 100-105... then it started popping like crazy... like popcorn when it first starts cookin, and it's doning really good... I was going straight,... then it slowed down and did it again inconsistantly... I asked my mechanic/ apprentice leader about it and he said it was my exhaust backing up and backfiring.. we replaced the exhaust and I never had that problem again... may not be the same thing,.. but sounds like it was coming from the same place...
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Default RE: Front end noise

ask them to also check the front and rear motor mount...mine make noise, and they are probably similar.
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Default RE: Front end noise

I have had the same problem but only when really jumping on it when I was in a corner. Other then that I haven't heard it when I wasnt driving it hard. If the exhaust is the problem does any one know of an aftermarket exhaust for a 97 Sebring LXi?
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Default RE: Front end noise

you have to take the stock exhaust off and let them bend new pipes for it.. then you need the new tip you want,.. and please don't make them ricers... gross... no flowmasters either... No one makes an exhaust package for the sebrings that I know of, so I just did it custom. That's what you're left with, and it's cheaper anyhow..
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