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Replacement Coil

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Default Replacement Coil

Everytime I go to a mechanic to have work done on my car, I always seem to get screwed on the cost for some reason. Why, probably because most shops are a rip off, and the un suspecting consumer doesn't know any better, oh and lets not forget the fact that I'm a chick... But.. That's why I'm a member of this forum, cause you all help everyone else out. So, yes.. I'm back with yet another question. I just replaced my Sparks, Distributor cap, rotor, and wires.. my car was happy for about 3 days.. then the god forsaken "check engine" light came back on.. so I got a OBDII and it said that I have random misfiring on 3 & 6, so I check everything to make sure its happy, and erase the codes.. car was happy for 2 days, and the light came back on again.. this time I went and asked the guys at AutoZone with they thought it could be, they told me to try putting some Fuel Injection Cleaner in my tank to see if that worked, so I did all that, and erased the codes.. car was happy for 5 days.. well guess what happened next.. that's right you got it. The check engine light was back on.. So now I'm thinking that it's the Ignition Coil, or the Computer that's all retared now... So what I'm trying to ask in all this is.. how much is it roughly for the parts ; Ignition Coil, and Computer ? So when I actully have to go to a shop to get them replaced I can figure out if I'm paying a good price with P&L (parts and labor)+tax, or if my poor wallet is being robbed. Thanks for everyones help!!
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wow... thanks for the help people... []
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ok,.. I don't think I have said anything you would listen yet, but I know this one for a fact if you haven't already bought new stuff.... Your coil can cost anywhere from $40- $240 depending on what you get... if it doesn't say anything like MSD ignition,... it aint worth that much.. holley I think makes one, I dont even remember all the brands, but you should pay more than $75 to make your car happy (in the pants)... now the computer... this is where it can get confusing... A new stock computer should be purchased from a chrysler dealer for around $250-$300 If you don't trust chrysler (mitsubishi) get another one.. after market.. It'll cost you about $35 to have it tuned to your car and they will run anywhere from $300-$2,500ish... AEM I would personally go with if you've got the 2.5k... Check this website for performance computers and controllers on the left side pick your car and find your comp... It honestly sounds like the car may need to be overhauled... if you tell me what year it is I can tell you how much a computer is from chrysler/mitsubishi
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