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2005 Town and Country P0135 issue

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Default 2005 Town and Country P0135 issue

Hello everyone,

I have a 2005 Town and Country 3.8l that I can not clear the P0135 o2 sensor. I have an Actron CP-9175 auto-scanner that I can view and reset the ODBII codes with, and I have changed O2 sensor 1/1 twice then cleared the codes. The code goes back into pending within 5 minutes and then the check engine light comes back on within 10 miles. From the Actron I can see the voltage of O2 sensor 1/1 and 1/2. 1/1 starts slow from .4v to .7 volts and fluctuates some. sensor 1/2 stays around .6v. I am not sure where to go now that I have used 2 new sensors and the code came right back. The van only has 2 sensors. I searched for a long time last night to see if it had 4 sensors, but I only found 2. One at the center of the rear manifold and one at the converter. I have only replaced the one at the manifold.

Any help would be appreciated.
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First is get rid of the 'toy' reader and get a real scanner. 2nd, there is only 2 oxygen sensors on this vehicle, one is pre cat (1/1) and the other is post cat (1/2). Your problem isn't the value of the sensor, it's related to the heater circuit. Since you've effective gone thru 3 sensors all with the same problem (original then 2 replacements according to your post), I'll bet the problem isn't the sensors. It is a 2 trip fault set condition... if the temp does not reach 575°C in 45sec during monitoring condition, it sets a code after the 2nd failure, the MIL is turned on.

Upstream sensor (1/1) should be flying all over the place between .1 and .9v The down stream sensor (1/2) should be very steady and generally reading .45v or so.
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Dc.. you most likely need a reflash of the PCM. Dealer changed my sensor.. then had to flash the PCM. read the following link.. plenty of info on the problem here.. its a 4 pager

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Thanks for the info 22Chrysler. Is there anything I can check to see why the temp is not getting within spec?

Thanks for the help
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You can check a Factory Service Manual for the diagnostic routing that guides you thru step-by-step problem solving methods to determine the course of repair needed. You may also need a wiring diagram and a real scanner.
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DC.... check this out from another member ......I managed to get a copy of a service bulletin that reveals two different O2 sensors were used on certain 2005 Chrysler products with T&C being one of them. Seems in July 2004 they swapped from using one with 7-10 ohm heater resistance to one using 2-4 ohms.

You need to get a copy of Chrysler TSB 05005 or nhtsa 10013793
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Thanks for the update. I did check the old sensor and it shows 8 oms and both new ones show ~2.4oms. I will see if I can get a PDF of the TSB.

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The TSB describes the entire problem and the solution was to flash the PCM if I remember correctly. This is really a bummer because people are having to pay to get this fixed.. maybe you can take your ohm meter and go to the parts store and start checking sensors for the resistance you need. It would be a pain to do and could be a waist of time.

Have you asked you local dealer if they have heard of the problem? Mine did not until they called mother Chrysler (Star) which informed them to change the software to account for the new resistance. When the dealer first changed my sensor (under warranty) on the way home the light came back on and this is when they had to call Star for the solution. This seems to be a problem for 05's and not just the T&C.. others were affected. I wish I saved the TSB so I could send it to you. It was on a link from an Ohio Library that I now don't have access to. There are websites where you can get a subscription to read the TSB. I have been looking online to see if anyone has it but luck yet.

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Ok, so the old sensor is different resistance than the new sensor. You are having the same problem with all 3 sensors, even think it's NOT a sensor problem?
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Flash: MIL Illumination Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) P0135 - O2 Sensor 1/1 Heater
This bulletin involves verifying the proper 1/1 O2 Sensor is installed on the vehicle and
reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module with new software.
2005 (CS) Pacifica
2005 (RS) Town & Country/Caravan/Voyager
NOTE: **This bulletin applies to 2005 CS and RS vehicles equipped with a 3.8L
engine (sales code EGH) built on and between July 8, 2004 (MDH 0708XX)
and March 2, 2005 (MDH 0302XX). 2005 RS vehicles equipped with a 3.3L
engine (sales code EGA and EGM) built on and between July 8, 2004 (MDH
0708XX) and October 29, 2004 (MDH 1029XX).**
The vehicle operator may experience a MIL illumination. Further diagnosis may determine
that the MIL was caused by the following Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's):
ˇ P0135 - O2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Performance
NUMBER: 18-010-05 REV. A
GROUP: Vehicle Performance
DATE: March 4, 2005
Using a Scan Tool (DRBIIIŽ) with TechCONNECT and the appropriate Diagnostic
Procedures, verify all engine systems are functioning as designed. If DTCs are present,
other than the one listed above, record them on the repair order and repair as necessary
before proceeding further with this bulletin.
Verify that the correct O2 Sensor is installed on the vehicle. Refer to Service Bulletin
08-008-05. Installing an incorrect 1/1 O2 sensor will cause a MIL illumination for DTC
P0135 - O2 Sensor 1/1 Heater Performance to be set.
If the vehicle operator describes or experiences the Symptom/Condition and the correct
1/1 O2 sensor is installed on the vehicle, perform the Repair Procedure.
Qty. Part No. Description
AR (1) 04275086AB Label, Authorized Modification (United States
and Canadian Markets)
AR (1) 05011058AA Label, Authorized Software Update (Markets
Outside the United States and Canada)
NPN Battery Charger
CH2002 General Purpose Interface Bus Cable Assembly
CH6000A Scan Tool (DRBIIIŽ)
CH7000A/7001A J1962 Cable with Red DRBIIIŽ Connector
TechCONNECT Workstation
NOTE: An updated J1962 cable has been released. This cable has a red colored
connector at the DRBIIIŽ connection. Use this cable whenever a flash is
being preformed.
NOTE: Whenever a controller is programmed, the software in the DRBIIIŽ; must be
programmed with the latest revision level available.
NOTE: If this flash process is interrupted/aborted, the flash should be restarted and
then follow the directions on the DRBIII

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