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Hot Engine Bay

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Default Hot Engine Bay

Hi, I have a 2000 grand voyager in Australia, got 60K Kms on the clock. I was wondering if there are heat issues with the engine bay, mine gets really hot, temp guage 1/2 way when driving seems normal, no problems driving but when i opened the hood i could not touch the hood latch arm to keep the hood up because it was so hot. No leaks in radiator, coolant levels ok, Ambient temperature was about 25 degress celcius. Radiator fans seen to work normally. Should I worry, should i modify anything? Any ideas would be appreciated. I have had the van for 5 days now and i love it.
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Default RE: Hot Engine Bay

It might be a stuck/wrong thermostat. I would get that from the $tealer$hip. That's the cheapest fix. It could be a clogged radiator, defective hoses, timing, water-pump, head gasket leak, lots of much more expensive stuff. I have a '99 and it doesn't run that hot. Before you replace the thermostat answer these questions for me.What kind of anti-freeze is in it?
How does the coolant look in the inside of the radiator tank?
What color is the coolant?
What is the coolant consistency?
When was it last changed/flushed?
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Default RE: Hot Engine Bay

Thanks for the response, i know the water pump was replace before i picked it up so in theory if the job was done right then coolant should be fine, i am taking it back to the dealership because the air con is not working, found AC valve leaking, so i guess there is no R134a in the system. I will get them to check the temperature too. I think timing should be ok, the engine runs like a dream, very smooth. Thanks for the help, It goes to the workshop for warranty repair on Monday ( for the AirCon ), I will post when I have more results, Thanks again
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Default RE: Hot Engine Bay

I wonder if the cooling system wasn't burped after they replaced the water pump? Someone posted to run the front up on ramps to get it on an angle and then open the radiator cap while running the engine. If you see a drop in the water level in the radiator core, add more fluid. I think you run it up to temp and then fill and replace the cap. Air can get trapped in any of the high points in the system. If it's in the thermostat housing it will interfere with the t-stat opening, mimicking a bad thermostat.

The reason I ask about the coolant is, if the wrong coolant (Dexcool) is used, it can jell in the presence of air and that's what clogs the radiator tubes. What was the outcome of taking it to the dealer?
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Default RE: Hot Engine Bay

Aircon booked in for Monday 11th. I am about to go outside and put van on ramps to check the levels. my last car which was a V6 had a bleed screw at the top of the block to allow trapped air to escape. I will keep you posted.
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Default RE: Hot Engine Bay

Hi all, got the Voyager back and Air-Con is working but i noticed small leak at valve in pipe that comes off the compressor. I put the Voyager on ramps and noticed the level in the radiator was down a little so i topped it up, seems ok so far, but now i have to call the dealer again to tell them about the leaking valve.

I still love this vehicle. lol.
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