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A604 transmission problem

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Default A604 transmission problem

I have a 94 LeBaron with some transmission issues. If you know about the A604, or know someone on the forum who does, please leave me a reply here or send a private message. Or, if you have a '94 Lebaron, I have one question that you can help me with simply by looking under the hood of your car. I disconnected something and am not sure where it reconnects, but you can help me out by looking on your car and telling me. Thanks for the help.
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Default transmission issues

Here's a summary of the related issues...

1. The input speed senser must match the output speed sensor in voltage otherwise this would tell the computer that the clutch is slipping and go into limp mode. Best fix is replace or clean sensors or wiring to sensors. Clean sensors when changing fluids.

2. When changing fluids system must be flushed also to get out all of the fluid, a filter change will only change out half of the transmission fluids.

3. In the wiring to the tranmission computer there is a spot where the computer connects to the engine computer and the body computer, this spot causes problems when it corrodes. It should be cut and respliced to ensure a secure connection. Also make sure you battery neg wire is large enough otherwise it will not be providing enough ground to the transmission, engine, starter. Also, the alternator ground should also be tied to the body of the engine.

4. Your transmission is still good and doesn't need a rebuild. There have been several people add this bit of knowledge. If you take your transmission to a transmission guy you will be paying for a rebuild and sometimes this fails to solve the problem with the transmission in the first place. Some good pointers to remember before deciding on a rebuild is, one...that the output speed sensor is magnetized so that if you pull the speed the sensor and there is no or little metal chavings on it then you aren't burning up the gears in your transmission. This would be the only reason you would need a rebuilt, to replace gears. Other than that if you have fluid leaks out of the pump (convertor area) or cv joint bushings. Then it would be a bench rebuild, not a complete rebuild, and the master rebuild kit for this is $130.
(know if you clutch is good or not) this can be done by having the transmsision computer read for the clutch index, you don't have a problem till that number climbs up to 100 and over. You can't burn out you clutch in one day. Just like a manual clutch it takes weeks to burn that baby up. And it is a progressive thing. You will notice it slipping more and more week after week. You would do yourself a favor not to take it to the shop as soon as it starts slipping till you know if it is the clutch or not. The only way to fix clutches is a rebuild. But anything causes clutch slipping, not just worn clutches. (bad or dirty input and output speed sensors, dirty transmission fluid, bad electrical connects to and from tranmission, even problems with temp sensor on engine because the tranmission computer uses these sensors to determine how and when to engage the clutches!)

5. Last but not least the transmission computer should be reset after a transmission swap because of the clutch index, also may need reset after any tranmission failure including a transmission oil change becuase the slipping characteristics of the clutches changes. But there is no way to reset it without a transmission computer reader, I think on the newer cars use can use a obdII scanner which is only $30.

6. Atf fluid advantages over other tranmission oils is that is provides extra lubrication.
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I have a 91 plmth Grand Voyager with A-604 tranny. It would go into limp mode when trying to go into 4th gear during acceleration. First charged input and output sensors. No difference. Then got to shop who read the TCM codes from blue connector: 54.

My manual says "internal Problem" what does that mean? Shop wants to rebuild. friend told me the retainer of the OD clutch pack is broken. Is this a major job? Sure the sol pack is not responsible for causing this error?
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