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Hard to explain... 1992 LeBaron V6

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Default Hard to explain... 1992 LeBaron V6

I drive a 1992 lebaron and im having a problem that i cannot figure out. To start off, lets just say my car runs pretty normal if i accelerate slow, or slow-ish.But sometimes i have to crawl up to about 55 mph, because if i dont, it seems as if my gas pedal just dies on me and im not getting any fuel. When this happens, i have to pretty much push the pedal to the floor to get any movement out of my car. Also, during this, if i stop at a red light, my car shakes VERY badly. So badly it is noticable from the outside. This only happens when i quickly accelerate though, which is confusing the crap out of me. any help would be appreciated. i have no changed the fuel filter yet, but will do so, and will update after doing so. thanks
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Default RE: Hard to explain... 1992 LeBaron V6

Try the fuel pump too.
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Wow, where to begin????? This could be a number of issues, but the first one that comes to my mind, (judging by your description), is that ONE-it simply needs a tune-up. Worn plugs and/or wires will cause bad mis-fires that will show themselves as you have described. TWO-Blown head gasket(s) can cause similar symptoms.

There are other possibilities too, such as a bad TPS, but this sensor being bad would only explain the poor acceleration but not the rough engine operation, so I've ruled that out.
Poor fuel delivery from a plugged filter or a fuel pump going bad would also explain the poor acceleration, but not the VERY BAD shaking that you describe.

To sum up, I suggest that you (at the very LEAST), check the spark plugs, clean and gap them to proper specs. If they look very worn, then just change them for new. For the wires, check first, that they are properly and securely connected. If they are then check for arcing. Best way to do this is to wait 'til it's pitch black where you are, start the engine and look around the wires for any blue sparks from the wires to anything metallic near them. See any? Time for new wires!
This is a 3.0 car, so as long as you're changing plugs and wires, then change the cap and rotor too, if it's as old as the plugs and wires.

Now....if the plugs/wires are looking good, you've cleaned and gapped them properly, and you still have the shakes, then I'd do a compression check for a blown head gasket!!

We'll start there and see where this goes. These are things that you don't have to spend a dime to check. And if you NEED the tune-up, due to arcing/worn wires or worn plugs, then, you need the tune-up regardless, so that's money well spent. You don't need fancy wires or pricey plugs either! The basics will do just fine for the typical daily runner! (don't forget that cap and rotor if needed!)
If we need to, we'll continue from there when you let me know what you find and how it goes.

Best wishes with it!
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'Nother old post I've bumped! I claim exhaustion!! It's late and I'm tired! Yeah.....that's it!
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