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(2001 LHS) Using Stop leak in the radiator

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Lightbulb (2001 LHS) Using Stop leak in the radiator

Hello friends - I'm hoping someone can help a novice owner like me. I've never owned a vehicle without a Radiator cap before, and I need to put in a "stop leak" additive as a temporary fix until I can do the repairs properly. From what I gather, it's not advisable to add the "stop leak" directly into the reservoir - so I'm hoping someone can point me to the appropriate direct Radiator hose I'm looking for - any pictures or diagrams, suggestions etc. would be most welcome, as I can't seem to find a whole lot of info online. Thanks a bunch!
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Radiator "stop leak" is NOT a cure all for all types of coolant leaks. If the radiator is damaged badly or water pump is leaking, or a hose is split, this product will NOT help you and possibly cause you more harm than good.
Perhaps you can post just what the problem leak area is coming from and maybe then could be helpful here.
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Thanks for your response - Yes, mostly I would just like a better understanding of how to access the radiator. Does that piece above unscrew to reveal the cap etc? It would help me fully diagnose the problem. Cheers
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If the leak is in the waterpump, do not drive the car at all.
The water can mix with the oil if the drain hole in it is plugged up and it will destroy the engine, and since you are putting stop leak in it, that could be a very expensive repair bill if the stop leak plugs up that drain hole.

If it is the water pump, that means a new timing belt and all other related components such as idler pulleys and tensioner too, if it has the 3.5L. OEM only on this. The aftermarket parts industry sucks horribly at making aftermarket parts for the LH cars.

The most common leak point on those is in the plastic tanks on the sides.
Sometimes you have to take out the headlights to see where the leak is.

Also, radiator stop leak will do nothing at all if the leak is in the plastic part of the radiator. It's literally a complete waste of time and money to use it on plastic tank leaks in radiators.
If the leak is in the radiator, buy the TYC brand, because they make the OEM radiators for the LH class of cars.
I had to replace one in an 04 Intrepid that I used to own 3 times, because of cheap but pricey Chinese made ones, but the TYC radiator has held up fine for years and it was only like 79 bucks. I know the current owner and do the maintenance on it for him.

Do not, under any circumstances buy a Spectra Premium radiator, unless you like the idea of replacing the radiator every three months and one week, because that is how long both of the Spectra radiators lasted in mine. Oh and by the way, rock autos return policy on those is only 90 days, so you are stuck dealing with spectra for replacements. I finally said (BLEEEP) it and paid for the TYC which at the time was close to 50 bucks cheaper than the spectra. and threw the spectra radiator on a friends scrap pile.
I bought the more expensive radiator thinking it would hold up better.
I was so very very very very very wrong with that idea.
But on the plus side, I can now replace an Intrepids radiator in under 30 minutes with hand tools, at night with only a street light and a single aaa battery keychain flashlight and some basic hand tools...

Rock auto carries TYC radiators in stock for 68 bucks now. Link is for the 3.5 liter, but I believe they are the same for other engines. You can check there if you have the smaller engine to make sure.


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