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'01 Sebring 2.7 Vibration problem, engine issues

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Default '01 Sebring 2.7 Vibration problem, engine issues

I have a 2001 Sebring with the infamous 2.7L V6 (75,000), and I am worried about engine sludge issues. Recently, the oil light has started flashing on while idling, even one day after an oil change. I suspect the oil pressure sensor will need to be replaced, but I understand this may be a precursor to sludge build-up and engine failure. I had a service station do an engine flush, and switched to synthetic oil as soon as I read about this problem.

Am I driving a ticking time-bomb? or will this engine be fine with a little TLC (and more frequent oil changes)? I love my Sebring, and I can't afford a new car right now, and I can't justify the cost of a new engine ($4000+?) when the car is only worth $2800 (blue book).

On an unrelated note, I have a vibration/humming noise coming from somewhere. The sound is present when driving straight or turning left, but disappears when turning right. The pitch changes with the speed, and isn't affected by the RPMs. My first thought, (and others' as well) was the tires, but the problem persisted after I put on new tires. I took it to the dealer, and they blamed the brand new tires, and didn't look for any other solutions. Back to the tire store, who confirmed the tires were fine, and checked the boots, CV and ball joints... all fine. So, I am at a loss for what could be wrong. Any thoughts?

Dan from Denver
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Default RE: '01 Sebring 2.7 Vibration problem, engine issues

The oil sensors used on both the 2.5L and 2.7L engines have a tendency to develop a leak through the sensor body that wets the electrical plug, shorting it to ground before it should. Replacing the sensor is the solution and the cause of it is only the sensor construction.

The issues of sludging were primarily on earlier versions of the 2.7L than the 01. There were some issues but engine failure with regular maintenance, especially with synthetic oils and quality filters, is very rare. Best peace of mind would be to have at least the front valve cover removed and inspect the exposed top of the head for build up. This can also be done through the oil filler, but the view is dramatically limited that way.

As far as the noise? Has anyone checked the wheel bearings for wear? Front AND back?

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Default RE: '01 Sebring 2.7 Vibration problem, engine issues

I would suspect the right front wheel bearing is going out. simple test raise the front end off the ground and move the tire back and forth while gripping the top and bottom of it. it shouldn't move. if it does you need a new wheel bearing, or hub.
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Default RE: '01 Sebring 2.7 Vibration problem, engine issues

Your noise is either a wheel bearing, or one of your half shafts. By the way, has anyone checked to see if a brake line has managed to misplace itself? (Safety first!)
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