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99 Chrysler Sebring problems

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Default 99 Chrysler Sebring problems

I have a '99 Chrysler Sebring LX with the Mitsubishi 2.5L V6 engine. When starting the car, I need to give it gas to get it going. When idling, the engine sputters. When coming to a stop, the engine sputters and then dies. If I am driving above 1200 rpm, the engine runs fine, so to move the thing around, I've been having to drive with two feet, keeping the engine rpm's up. I took it to the dealership and they told me it was giving the following codes:

P0113: Intake Air Temperature Sensor above max voltage
P0175: System Too Rich (Bank 2)
P0176: Fuel Composition Sensor Circuit Error
P0169: Incorrect Fuel Composition

They also told me I am having multiple cylinder misfire, but they never said that code P0300 showed up. I can understand the P0175 code because when idling there is a distinct fuel smell to the exhaust.

I have replaced the intake air temp sensor and it did not fix the problem. The dealership wanted to replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, PCV valve, air filter, EGR valve, and perform fuel induction service, all for a hefty pricetag.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what is happening and what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated.
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Default RE: 99 Chrysler Sebring problems

well dude u are gonna need some test stuff inorder for u to find out whats really going on. I will give u the flow chart for the codes u ahve listed above and see what u can do with it. There will be no easy oo yeah seen that b4 and this is what it is. Take care of the p113 first and the rest should fallow behind. The system to rich is from something not doings its job and the computer has taken away as much fuel from the injectors as it can like -30 or more % and still have to much unburned fuel and air going into the upstream o2 sensors. 176 and 169 are not chrsyler codes a general scanner may pick this up buth thay are unrelated to whats going on ignore them. Run through the flow chart as best u can and see what u come up with. The sensor is not the issue becasue u replaced it so looking maybe PCM, Pcm wires to the sensor. Humm all the stuff listed above that they wanted to replace would not help out the main prob. U probable have fouled out plugs due to the mixture not being burnt all the way or correctly so thats a secondary issue once the main one is fixed. Cap wires and rotor all maintance can be done but wont fix your issue. EGR no code for egr so working correctly. Fuel induction also maintance. Now here is the catch if u see something messed up with the wires and repair them dont unplug the battery to clear the codes u will be making more trouble then u want to mess with why do u ask. Once a computer has been reset or disconnected it has to learn all the stuff over again b4 it will run tests aka miss fire egr anything that has to be done with fed emmisions. The intake code may be once in awhile and u wont know if u fixed it untill all the stuff is back up and running and u have a car that runs like crap and no one can tell u why becuse all the codes and event data is gone. if u corrected it let the car run for 4 min turn it off start it back up run for another 4 min do this 3 times and by the 4th restart if u corrected the issue the light will go out and u will be good its called 3 good trips all chryslers are set up this way. Now if u need a computer u will haft to have some one program the vin and then relearn all the data ne way so what i just said would be no good at that point.
Good luck if u run into an issue just ask.
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Default RE: 99 Chrysler Sebring problems

Thanks. You can send the flowcharts to [email protected]
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Default RE: 99 Chrysler Sebring problems

i had my distributor cap problems and the only way i can do is to change it..i just don't know where i can have those stuff? have someone familiar on distributor cap canada or had someone got it on eBay?

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