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airbag replacemnt sebring

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Default airbag replacemnt sebring

well heres the deal. I have a 2000 sebring convertable and i need to replace the airbags what all parts do i need to do this and special tools and what exactly do i have to do?? i got the car like this.
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Default RE: airbag replacemnt sebring

all of the air bags???
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Default RE: airbag replacemnt sebring

I am definetly no expert on this but I did replaceboth bags in a '97 Sebring Conv. I assume your windshield is broken because the passenger side bag usually hits it and busts it. First thing is to disconnect the ground terminal in the engine compartment. Since mine were both discharged I didn't worry about a bag that didn't discharge. The steering wheel bag is easy. On mine the cruise control switches blew out providing easy access to the mounting screws, there are four. You may need a new steering wheel, column(if it collapsed), cruise control switches and check out the turn signal/light stalt also. I was able to get both bags, and a control module from a '98 Conv. Make sure the part #'s match. I got the steering wheel and the clockspring (under the bag, has the detonator attached to it.) from another car as the steering column was gone in this one. When you attach the detonator part to the steering wheel bag you should feel it click in place. Look for hidden damage around the gauge cluster and a/c vents. Mine seperated but didn't crack.
The passenger side was harder to remove. Open up the glove box door until it hangs down toward the floor. There are four nuts that hold the bag in, two on a metal support bar under it and one on each side up close to the top. Disconnect the yellow wire on the left side. It should come up through the top now. You may have to force it a little as the bagsblowing may have moved the dash around a bit. Again, look for hidden damage, my a/c ducts on this side blew apart and there was a plastic support on the left side that cracked. Put the new unit in from the top and bolt down securely. (use new bolts/nuts that are designed for the job on both steering wheel bag and passenger side bag.)
The computer module is under the center console under the emergency brake apparatus. Be careful not to break any wires or connectors.The console can be removed fairly easily with 2 screws in the bottom of the back and two under the shifter boot. (Uh, mine is automatic slapstick).Loosen the shift indcator ring and turn it sideways, put the emergency brake all the way on and the console will come off without removing the shift **** or boot completely. I had to loosen the E-brake unit to gain access to the control box. Replace it and connectthe wiring harness before reattaching the E-brake unit. If your cable has tightened up onyou and you can'tget the bolts to line up, there is a tab at the ratcheting endof the E-brake that you can push on with a srewdriver that will release more cable. Put everything back together.
Make sure everything is connected and connections are tight. make sure everything is out of the way in the frontseats of the car. Reconnect the battery. I ducked way low on the seat and turned on the ignition. If your airbag light stays on, disconnect the battery, wait at least 5 minutes then recheck your electrical connections. Reconnect the battery. If the light is still on, you may have to go to a dealership to get the air bag computer to be set to be compatible with the chasis computer.
A few notes, I'm told this was dangerous for me to do. Be very careful. When handling the airbags carry them with the airbag pointing away from you. Static electricity, I'm told, may set them off. Store them with the airbagdeployment facing upward or you may get a missile if it goes off. Don't replace any non critical parts until you get the airbags in and set correctly, you don't want to have to pay for more dash parts or a windshield. Cost me about $250 for the computer and bags and the dealer charged me about the same to check diagnosis codes and reset the airbag comp. module.
Parts I needed:
Steering wheel air bag
Passenger side air bag
cruise control switches (both sides)
Steering wheel
airbag computer module
a/c vent cover and ducts
guage cluster plastic trim
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Default RE: airbag replacemnt sebring

still missing a fre things on a 2000 though Seat belt pre tensioners and sume of that stuff u said is not the same in the 2000 so cant be used
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Default RE: airbag replacemnt sebring

Dont forget the abs module it may need to be replaced as well
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