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Default Transmission

Last Sunday I had my 300C towed to the dealer because the transmission broke down. I could not shift, I heard a whinning noise and just about made it home and then had it towed. This car of mine only has 6000 miles on it and it is a 2005 300C. I was told by the dealer that it will be rebuilt. I said I want a new unit so I called Chrysler direct and given the brush off and told that the dealer is an independant dealer and he makes the decisions. The car right now is on a lift with the whole exhaust system disconected on the ground and the Transmission is all apart on a bench. The dealer made arangements for a rental car for me. With the car of the year for 2005 6000 miles and the transmission goes What do I do to get a new transmission not a rebuilt from Chrysler.
Very upset
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Default RE: Transmission

Bad transmissions seems to be an all too common problem with the 300s. I'm sorry to hear about this. Try talking with the dealer and emphasize you are a very unsatisfied customer....with a new car that shouldn't have broken down so soon.
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Default RE: Transmission

The dealer is not interested he is doing what he thinks best and that is to rebuild, I am mad at chrysler who totally shows no responsibility for the 300. They say the dealer is independant and he calls the shots.
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Default RE: Transmission

Have you talked to the dealership manager or owner?
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Default RE: Transmission

I must say i agree with you , when you call chrysler all u keep getting is "You have to take it up with the dealer" This is a standard answer given by the chrysler people. I was told that "well Diamler really is watching over chrysler to make sure that quality control is up to Mersades standards." Some how thats just not true. It seems you can only get so far by phone and the rest is up to you . "The sore thumb always gets the bandaid" my father always says and we hate to do it but ya gotta bitch. It sucks cause the guys at the dealer didnt build the car! But they are the dealer whos gotta deal with all the Bull shi-----
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Thanks for your response to my problem with Chrysler you are absolutly right Chrysler passes the buck to the dealer. I am glad you said what you did because tomorrow Monday I am having another meeting with the dealer and printed out what you said as to verify what I said and maybe the dealer with come through with a new Trany. My car is still by the dealer and they are paying for a rental 30 bucks a day. Its a week now since last sunday. Will let you all at this forum what the result is. Thanks for kicking in with your comments.

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Default RE: Transmission

Well got my 300 back and the Transmission was completely rebuild and I was told better than new and not to worry. We will see, I want to thanks you all for your comments which helped me make a better relationship with the dealer he is interested in going to this website to learn about others that have problems.

Thank you
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Default RE: Transmission

got this answer back from chrysler
Dear Mike,

Your email has been received and the concerns you have raised are

After thoroughly reviewing your request and the files on this matter, we
respectfully concur with the decision rendered by our Senior Staff.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate with DaimlerChrysler Motors
Corporation. It is regrettable that a more favorable reply can not be

Thank you again for your email.


Senior Staff Representative
DaimlerChrysler Customer Assistance Center

Original Message Follows:
Form Selected:
Category: US Customer Service
Brief Description:
Throughly disgusted
I broke down with my chrysler with only 6000 miles and the car is now by
dealer all apart with the tranmission all apart and the dealer says that
chrysler says its better to rebuild than give me a new transmission I
almost 40 thousand for that car and really upset that the rep who I
spoke to just washed his hands with me telling me its up to the
dealer to do what he wants. Where is chryslers responsibility on this
matter? I did not buy a used car I bought a new 300C loaded and made me
feel good that it was the car of the year and now your rep just washed
hands with me saying their is nothing he can do.So the way I see it is
chrysler builds the car and once the dealer gets it thats the end of the
responsibilty of chrysler corp. Your on your own. I am requesting a new
transmission and will not stop fighting for this in my own way. I also
paid for the extended service contract of 1700 dollars. I am asking you
look into this matter. The Dealer is Maroone Chrysler at 700 north
Highway Delray Beach, Florida. 33483. The Service director is Rich
at this location at 561-278-2552. Please look into this matter.

Sender Information:
Title: Mr.
First Name: Mike
Middle Initial:
Last Name: Adler

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Default RE: Transmission

Im happy to hear that u got some resolution to your problem ! It just sucks that this is what it takes to get a responce from Crysler folks about their "FLag SHip" car of the year the 300C. THis is what leaves a bad taste in our mouths about repeat buying their products!!!! I never every had this problem with FORD.
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Default RE: Transmission

New member to your forum here.

I have been in thoughtful research and study of the SRT-8, as I am contemplating adding one in black to my stable of cars. I must say that I really like the car, but honestly I am more than concerned with the transmission problems as discussed. I read several reports from owners of the tranny leaks, and a few ouright failures. It concerns me that when owners take their cars in to fix the leaks, DCX seems to be using the same rings and gaskets that failed as replacements.

In reading through your post, I contacted DCX and explained to them that I am a potential customer, but I wanted to know in advance of purchase what their position would be if my new car, with a new transmission, needed a replacement transmission. Would it be new or rebuilt?

I think we all know what the answer will be, but I'll post my findings shortly.

My gut is telling me to wait until the 07' models are released, to see if this specific problem is addressed, as well as to see what new features will be offered. Personally, I would like to see things such as heated and cooled seats, voice activated nav, PB start, etc.


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