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2010 T&C key question

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Default 2010 T&C key question

I have 2 sets of key fobs for my 2010 town and country. One i had to buy because when i bought the car used 3 months ago it only came with one. It was nearly 200 dollars! The second key didn't come with the emergency key. I have to get that separately at the dealership. Is it really needed to have the emergency key? as far as i can tell all it can do is open the door right?

It makes me really nervous that these cars don't use a regular key to start the car. If the battery in the fob goes bad do you have to replace the entire key? That is what a guy at the dealership told me. I would think you could just replace the battery in it.

Lastly, how many spares should I have? I know you can program a 3rd key if you have 2 working ones, so is it smart to get a third key on ebay for 50 bucks or should I just take my chances with two?
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Get a 3rd one if you think it's necessary. Yes the key is a back up in case your Fob battery goes down. The battery that works the remote locks is not the same battery that powers the key signal to start the car. That is internal and lasts a long time. Get a key for the other fobic. It's the only thing that connects it to your ring.
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I would have to agree with TN Tech. The Key Fob operates the ignition switch. It also contains the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter and an emergency key, which stores in the rear of the Key Fob. The emergency key allows for entry into the vehicle should the battery in the vehicle or the RKE transmitter go dead. The emergency key is also for locking the lower glove compartment. You can keep the emergency key with you when valet parking.

To remove the emergency key, slide the mechanical latch at the top of the Key Fob sideways with your thumb and then pull the key out with your other hand.

The Sentry Key Immobilizer system prevents unauthorized vehicle operation by disabling the engine. The system does not need to be armed or activated. Operation is automatic, regardless of whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked.

The system uses Key Fob with factory-mated Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter and Wireless Ignition Node (WIN) to prevent unauthorized vehicle operation. Therefore, only Key Fobs that are programmed to the vehicle can be used to start and operate the vehicle. The system will shut the engine off in two seconds if an invalid Key Fob is used to start the engine.

After turning the ignition switch to the ON position, the Vehicle Security Light will turn on for three seconds for a bulb check. If the light remains on after the bulb check, it
indicates that there is a problem with the electronics. In addition, if the light begins to flash after the bulb check, it indicates that someone used an invalid Key Fob to start
the engine. Either of these conditions will result in the engine being shut off after two seconds.

If the Vehicle Security Light turns on during normal vehicle operation (vehicle running for longer than 10 seconds), it indicates that there is a fault in the electronics. Should this occur, have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible by an authorized dealer.

Only Key Fobs that are programmed to the vehicle electronics can be used to start and operate the vehicle. Once a Key Fob is programmed to a vehicle, it cannot be reprogrammed to any other vehicle.
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Hmmmm! Another nearly new car that mysteriously comes with only one key. I wonder how long dealers are going to be able to get away with that? I got caught on it nearly ten years ago when we bought a used car for my wife. Only after signing all the papers and when we were ready to leave did they inform me that the car was traded in with only one key. Okay...., I figured I'd get one made at the hardware store.

When I went to get one made, I found out that I needed to get one made at the dealer because of the electronic chip in it. Back to the dealer, and a big argument about $125 for a key. Needless to say, I didn't buy it at that dealership. Haven't bought another car there again.

Dealer went on and on about the 'special' electronic chip in the key that made it so expensive. Those chips cost pennies to make and it's just another way to gouge the customer. I can buy a DVD burner for my computer that contains hundreds of thousands of transistors and at least six very precise lasers in it...., for less than $20...., and a key with a simple RFID chip costs $200 or more! What a crock!

Since then, the first thing I check when we've bought a car is to make sure it comes with at least two, working keys, and I get it in writing when doing the paperwork!
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