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Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

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Default Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

Sure glad I found this forum! Hope I can help others, but have a little problem/decision of my own that I have to fix soon. Wife's 98 Voyager Expresso 3.3L with the A604 is having some transmission woes. If someone could just nudge me in theproper direction, I'dappreciate it.

Sorry 'bout the length.... About a month ago, @ 150, 000 mi., transmission began acting erratically, with momentary clutch "bumps" while cruising, check engine light coming on, and limp mode kicking in. Wife took it to well-referred mechanic while I was out of state. They said they discounted it for us, due to who referred us, which was cool. So they rebuilt the tranny and the torque convertor, along with new solenoid pack = $1162.00. Not a bad deal, I thought.

Since we were moving at the time, the next day, she decides to take the van on the 6 hour trip to me, and the sametranny problems start happening2 hours out of town in the sticks, but tranny finally quit. Mechanic arranged free tow back, replaced solenoid pack again, with "a new one from the dealer", and I see it's a Borg-Warner. Alsoreplaced battery, since the length of the hazards on killed the one we had. No charge, of course.

Wife made the trip fine, but a week later, tranny problems are back, mostly at highway speeds. Usually over 40 mph, it will bump pretty hard, which I think is the clutch kicking off/on quickly, but not sure. It drops into limp sometimes, and has hard downshifts sometimes. Key off resets computer fine, and sometimes, the check engine light will even go off. Autozone code check found P0750-sol shift malf., and P0700-trans. control sys malf., and same P0750-sol shift malf. I've found that if I drive around town in3rd,all's fine. That's got to be important.

Now out of state from orig. mechanic, we're stuck with it here.

All my web research tells me, as original mechanic told me, that it's got to be something electrical, and nothing mechanical. Tranny should be sound. It could be the speed sensors or the TCM.
Local dealer can do a computer test for $70.00, but I'm wondering if that will pinpoint the fault. I don't think I'll consider letting them rebuild it.
I'm considering just replacing the speed sensors if possible, and maybe even swapping the TCM. I can do both for under $100.

Do I really want or need the dealer test? Either way, I may want to fix myself if it's electrical problem. Will I have to go back for re-flashing, re-programming, or can I retrain TCM myself? Thank you so much if you've read this far.
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Default RE: Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

Sorry to hear about your problems. When I had "similar" tranny troubles with my '02, the dealer found a cracked (broken) wire to the speed sensor. It would intermittently (at first) go into limp mode with speedo doing funky things. I replaced the input speed sensor and it stopped for a day (monkeying with the wires was why) then came back. Lukily it didn't take the dealer too long to find it. Best of luck.

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Default RE: Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

Can't be of any direct help, but perhaps this page may be of some help to you or others.

Four-Speed Automatic Transmission Issues

You might have the bump downshift that this page addresses.

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Default RE: Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

Thanks, y'all. I'm checking for loose/dirty electrical connections, and still researching. I ran across that Troubleshooting post earlier, and it supports my belief that this problem is not mechanical, especially since I just had a quality rebuild. I've been driving it around in 3rd, not Overdrive, and it runs without a snag. From what I've read, the lock-up clutch could be getting bad signals from either the speed sensor or the TCM, causing it to "slip" momentarily. Still wondering.....
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Default RE: Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

what u need to get is have the dealer get the code from the tranny computer and not go by what the engine computer is saying U are using a scan tool that neone can use because thats what the Fed want to be generic. The Tranny computer is chrysler only and has to be accessed via a chrysler scanner or and expensive scanner that can get in there and look at it.I will bet sence it happens in 4th it will be something like a TCC circuit TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH issue.
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Default RE: Dealer test vs. part(s) replacement?

Thank you, Chrysler Tech. I bet you're right about the diagnosis. Guess I'll get the dealer test, and see what it says. I'll get back with the results, thanks again.
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