96 Cirrus Security system issues. Please help!

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Default 96 Cirrus Security system issues. Please help!

Ok so here is the story:

I purchased a 96 Currus from a government auction here in New jersey. The story on the car I got was vague at the lot I picked it up at. The car had been sitting for about 2 years and the battery was stone dead. I was given what I know is not the factory key and when I looked under the hood. There was an extra distributor cap and crank sensor. sitting on the air filter. I checked and there was a distributor cap and crank sensor installed on the vehicle. The one not installed had a Mitsubisi symbol on it, I assume it was the original. The auction showed it as a siezed/impounded car. One would assume it was drivable because the person would of had to have been pulled over to get it impounded. Now I came to find out from the local tow driver that the car was actually used by undercover agents for a while to do drug buy and bust operations. Thats fine whatever. I got it home and immediately tried to get it to spark. At one point I had a weak spark, so I decided to replace the plugs and wires. Really? remove the intake to get the odd plugs and wires? Engineering genius! This is when I noticed that...

A. the factory stereo was not lighting up however the antena was activated by pressing the button.
B. The headlights would flash for a period of time then stop.
C. there was a red light blinking in the cockpit. I have no owners manual so did not know what the red light was. also a clicking comming from the headlamp delay relay switch.

I went through all the fuses and found the horn fuse in a spare slot so I moved it to the correct spot. Imediately the flashing headlights were joined by the sound of the horn. So now I know this had happened to the township I bought it from and they moved that fuse to stop the horn from sounding. So I now knew the security system was tripped. Because I have what I call a valet key and not a factory coded key and no fob, Im lost. Also there is no information online for bybassing this system. I found where I can jump a wire to disarm. However I can not resell the car if the system is going to possibly activate again and cause an ignition shut down. So I have the following questions.

If I scan my title to prove ownership will someone give me information on how to remove the factory alarm permanently?

Is there a way for me to cheaply buy a key and key fob that will work with the alarm system?

If no to the first 2 is there anybody looking for parts from a 96 cirrus with 96K miles?
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The only way to get rid of the alarm is to get a BCM and a PCM from a car that does NOT have alarm. To be sure, let someone who can see the modules and the codes take a look at it. They may even be able to go into the BCM and try to disable VTSS and that may cure your problem. IF there was ever a PCM replacement from another car, you WILL need to get BCM and PCM both. Putting a just a BCM or just a PCM from a donor car will muck everything up. It's possible that someone already did that.

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Been there had to fix that for people =)
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Thanks alot for the quick response. I called around to the dealer and was inquiring about getting a factory key and they only showed a steel head part number. He said that means the system does not require a key with a chip in it. So I went to the car and like I had already tried turned lock unlock lock unlock and it stopped flashing the red dot in the instrument cluster. So I put the horn fuse back in. It still wouldn't start but I have to check a couple things and it would be a new post different topic. Thank you again its very good information about the BCM and PCM. but just to be thorough how do you tell if those items were changed one and not the other. Like are there matching numbers on each?
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