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1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

Old 09-26-2007, 06:02 PM
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Default 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

I have a 96 intrepid 3.3l. The thing runs great 2 times the milage I am use to. I got the car with 2 things wrong brakes and tie rods. fixed all that. I went to get an inspection passed safty and failed the emmisions. When they did the emissions part it talked to the car then started counted down again and asked to talk to the car again. It kept talking and asking to talk again so we gave up after 10 attempts. The garage had never seen that before. I had all the wires checked and had the computer replaced. Same problem, I cannot even get the scan tools that auto zone and advance auto parts use to work. Every time I try it says connection error.

My question is:
What do you need to get the car to communicate with a scan tool? Is it just car computer and wiring that could cause a malfunction or is there some other 3rd item I am just not aware of?

Thanks for any help or any comments.
Old 09-27-2007, 08:26 AM
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Default RE: 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

go to a different shop u need one with a SUN emmisions tester some older chrylser have issues with other systems.
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Default RE: 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

Thanks for the help. I checked around even called a dealer. The dealer said that New York state has a specific scan that they use and that was the only kind any garage would have in N.Y. So that was a little disapointing. Im tempted to try another computer, realized we never programed the second one with my vin and milage.

Would failing to do so cause trouble when trying to pass inspection? Would any DRB3 scaner work or is that a special one that only a dealership would have?

I have few Mechanicaly inclined friends but they are not sure what to do. If you have any other ideas Id be very thankful. If it is a more difficult job they can also help me.

~thanks for the help
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Default RE: 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

I was surfing the Internet and came across these twoarticles, which may be of some help to you:

First Article: TSB 18-005-01 (check this Technical Service Bulletin)

We own a 1996 Dodge Intrepid 3.3L. It exhibited the same behaviour that was mentioned above. Several years ago, Dodge--who is very well aware of this problem--sent out a Bulletin stating that those who had experienced troubles with getting their vehicle inspected via the OBD-II connector could be reimbursed for the PCM reprogram. It stated that free reprogramming was available for the life of the vehicle. Any service garage that has the "Alldata" CDs, has a copy of this letter. You can also check out for all TSBs affecting Dodge Intrepids with the 3.3L engine.

Dodge feels that this reprogramming is not required more than once; however, our vehicle has had to be reprogrammed every year to get it through the OBD-II inspection phase. This requires our Intrepid being inspected at the Dodge garage every year.

We found that unless you tell the Dodge service personal that you are aware of this technical service bulletin, they don't volunteer its availability. As for Dodge's inability to reprogram your Intrepid, one recommendation is to go back to the same garage and "calmly" explain that you are aware that there is a TSB from Dodge concerning this matter. Once they are aware that you are informed of this TSB, they will most likely warranty what is required to get your vehicle inspected.

Second Article:

Now if the technitian knows anything about your car
or chrysler vehicles in general he would know to test the BUS communication wires is simple with a volt meter BUS+& BUS-fluctuates around 2.5 volts. or when trying to access pcm with drb3 scan tool all he has to do is attemp to communicate through the generic screen on the scanner as this feature
uses serial communication wires at the data link conector instead of the BUS wires. Not very likely all wiring is broken. And also have him try to communicate to trans controller or body controller this would help in the diagnostics greatly if he knows what he is doing GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!![/align][hr]

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Default RE: 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

I forgot to mention that without programming your replacement computer withyour vin number, I believe the engine will start up for 2 seconds then shutdown. The vin number has to be recognised for the engine to start up and stay running. Good luck!
Old 10-05-2007, 06:08 PM
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Default RE: 1996 intrepid OBD2 trouble

Thanks for all the help, ended up taking it to the dealer. Dealer told me that it was my sci transmit wire to the tcm. It was shorting out, dealer also said that this wire was a "backup" and was not really needed so they took the wire out. It now works just fine, even got it to pass inspection.

I kicked myself however as i had looked at that wire even tested it.
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