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Not ok, google!

Old 11-13-2017, 05:23 PM
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Angry Not ok, google!

I have had just about enough of Google and Sirius XM/Guardian. I have posted before about my previous car, a 2015 Charger, and how easy it was to hit a button and voice dictate a text message with the Uconnect software through my Android phone. I did it all the time. The fact that my state also made it a crime to text while driving made this feature even that more cool.

That wonderful feature went out the window when I bought a 2017 300S. I found out that in order to send a text message through voice dictation I now have to:
1). Install the Android Auto app on my phone
2). connect my phone to my car with a USB cable
3). Turn on the "google assistant" (and leave it on).
4). Say "ok google" several times and plead with it to recognize my voice.
5). Say "send a text message to John Doe mobile"
6). Dictate the message.
7). plead with Google to send it.

I'm not kidding when I say plead. If you don't say your voice commands with the EXACT volume and inflection in your voice when you initially "trained" it, google says it doesn't recognize your voice. Over and over again and again. This was NEVER a problem with the old Uconnect program and did NOT require me to install an app on my phone, and did NOT require me to plug my phone with a USB cable!

As for the Google Assistant, there are no documented lists of commands that it can "assist" you with! Try googling for it. Nothing. And I am really getting tired of waking up in the morning and having Google pop up messages about the donut shop down the street! Yeah, I know, I've lived here for 27 years and I don't care!

Also, when the Android Auto app activates, you can't get to any other apps on your phone without a fight (oh yes, of course I am at a stop when I do this).

Tonight was the last straw. I received a text message, listened to it, and said "ok google" to respond. Google said "ok. But first you'll have to find a safe place to stop and press the notification icon so that I can access some additional things on your phone". SERIOUSLY? LIKE WHAT? It already has access to my phone book. What more does it need?

Don't get me wrong, I love the 300S. But I am sooooo angry at Chrysler for taking away a simple feature that worked fine (Uconnect) and outsourcing it to Google and "SiriusXM" who completely screwed it up.

To date I have purchased (7) consecutive Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles. If Chrysler doesn't fix this text mess with the radio by the time I'm looking for car number 8 there will not be another Chrysler in my driveway, ever.

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Old 07-13-2018, 04:55 PM
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Default One year later ...

It has been almost a year and the Android Auto app that I am forced to use to verbally dictate a text while in my 300S still stinks on ice. I was kind of surprised that when I searched the forum a few minutes ago I found that noone else posted about their experiences with this app and the Uconnect stereo in the 2017 300S.

And still it continues... Today when I got into my car and plugged in the tacky USB cable to my Google Pixel XL and said "OK Google", then "send a text message to Jane Doe" it had the nerve to tell me that it didn't recognize that name. 3 times. It also told me to pull over and use my display when it was safe.

Wow. I got news for you Google, Jane has been in my contact list for several years now and I have sent her hundreds of text messages through this crappy system in the past year. I am so over this app. Chrysler really made a HUGE mistake taking this function out of the 300S Uconnect radio and giving it to Sirius and Google because THEY DO NOT CARE. And yes, I have phoned, emailed, and posted on Google forums and contacted Sirius directly, but no joy.

You have about 24 months left to deal with this FCA... The next car I buy will not have this system in it and if it has to be something other than a Chrysler then so be it.
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I totally agree about the new Sirius/XM Guardian being trash! Like you, I went from the uconnect in a 2016 300 to the new Google functionality in a 2017 300C. As crazy as it sounds to some, I regret making the purchase because of my dissatisfaction with this simple feature. When making a vehicle purchase, the safety features and technology are important factors. Having to use a USB cord is a step backwards to me. It annoys me when I plug my phone in to charge it and the Android Play feature pops up. They need to bring uconnect back because they've broken something that didn't need to be fixed!!!
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THANK YOU to the author of post#3!!!
FINALLY someone that would AGREE with me that sometimes NEWER IS NOT BETTER! ...ROFL
Old 12-11-2018, 01:24 PM
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Default Android auto in wifes new buick

It sucks . I flat refuse to hook my phone via cable to my radio every time I get in my car. Get that crap wireless or get rid of it.
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