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'Winterizing' a Convertible

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Default 'Winterizing' a Convertible

So I have an older 2001 convertible and the roof doesn't latch too great, and I just moved to Minnesota, other than the roof, are there any things that I should check/watch/change/add to make the car better for winter?

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get out of Minnesota an move to FL the sunshine state ha ha
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What do you mean it doesn't latch too great?
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Assumptions I will make so I can give advice;

1) You are moving from far south, so you need all advice
2) The bad latch just means that wind blows in (if it's worse than that, you shouldn't be driving it at all)

Car top;
Put some foam weatherstripping along where the convertible top meets the windshield top. This should be enough to cut most of the wind you get due to the cold temperatures causing a larger gap. There is probably an adjustment you can make to fix it, but I do not know it.

1) Get the oil changed to a winter weight. I do not remember if that means higher or lower numbers, but the garage will know what to do
2) Put in de-icing washer fluid
3) Invest in a very good snow-brush (long handle, brush, ice-scraper, ice-chipper)
4) Keep that brush in the trunk (if the doors freeze, you could pull off a handle trying to get into the car. With the brush in the trunk, you can use all the strength you need to open the trunk to get the brush, then use the scraper end to help pry the door without putting all the force on the door handle
5) Go wash and wax your car to give it some protection from salt
6) If you have a garage (or a neighbor with one), consider spraying waterproofing on the top
7) Talk to your neighbors and see if you should get a block-heater (it's probably late enough in the year that you avoided that kind of cold, though)
8) Get some spare fuses (especially 20 amp; if you have trouble starting your car, a particular 20 amp in the engine compartment could easily blow)
9) Keep a tool kit, flashlight, and jumper cables in your car
10) Make sure your tires all meant for snow and ice


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There are a couple of hooks that latch the top to the windshield header. They are adjustable for length. There are a couple of small set screws, one in each hook. I think they require a torx screwdriver, if I remember rightly. Loosen the set screws and you can shorten the hooks to pull it a little tighter. Take it easy and don't get too aggressive with the adjustment.

Here's a better idea:
1. Clean out the garage.
2. Park the convertible in the garage for the winter.
3. Spend a couple of hundred bucks on an old beater and drive it through all the salt and slush.

I've got an '01 Sebring like kybarrister and I leave it in the garage. Maybe once a month, if it's nice and sunny and dry, I'll take it out for a spin to keep the battery charged. Can't wait to put the top down.

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