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Need advice (fast!) on the 2007 300 base model, 2.7L

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Default Need advice (fast!) on the 2007 300 base model, 2.7L

I'm considering purchasing a 300 base model with the 2.7L engine. This car has only 63K. However, I know almost nothing about the 300 (long story short: my car, a Chevy Prizm, has died, and I'm scrambling to find a replacement ASAP).

A quick web search tells me that Chrysler 2.7L engines from last decade were plagued by an oil sludge problem. Were the 2007 300 base models affected by this? Is it that the water pumps for that year (or generation) needed to be replaced -- and replaced just right (tensioner and chain done by someone who's expert with Chrysler engines)?

If it turns out that, yes, the 2007 base models were affected, I'll probably not make the purchase, I'll have to quickly look for another vehicle.

Searching around, I also found this post on another website, which makes me worried concerning the fuel tank, especially since the post talks about another 2007 with less than 64K:

I recently purchased a 07 V6 Chrysler 300 with a little under 64,000 miles on it. Before the vehicle was purchased I had it pre-inspected and it check out fine. The vehicle drove good and gave me no issues for the first couple of days. However, three days after I purchased the car and proceeded to fill up my tank. My vehicle started running rough and ending up stalling on me; while I was driving home with my kid in the car. The car continued to run rough and stall with a full tank of gas in it. I figured out this issue only occurred after fueling my tank. I also discovered that I could only have a quarter tank of gas in my car for it to run smoothly (no stalling). The car would also seem like it wanted to die at low speeds.

On the other hand, the car would drive fine at higher speeds over 45 MPH. I have yet to take car on the freeway, and I currently drive short distances. I am currently getting my vehicle repaired at a certified Chrysler dealership. They did a diagnostic inspection and found that the fuel tank along with some other major parts around the fuel tank needed to be replaced. This whole thing is going to cost over $3,400. Iím a low income, single parent and full time college student struggling to make ends meet. I reached out to Chrysler who refused to acknowledge the defective parts on my vehicle despite them recalling this same issue on (2005,2006) models.


Am I worrying too much about either potential problem? I just don't want to get stuck with a lemon (again). Thanks!
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It will be under powered with the 2.7 liter.
That is the biggest complaint about them with the 2.7, not enough power to accelerate, or pass.
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Pick a car. Any car. Do an internet search for problems. You will end up riding a bicycle. Buying 10 year old cars of any brand is a crap shoot no matter how you view it. One way to cut the odds is to buy from friends/relatives but even then some will refuse to sell to their friends/relatives because they don't want the responsibility. So what are you going to do?

Here's my theory/approach :

1. buy only 1 owner dealer serviced cars
2. owners must at least be 50 years old. Add points for 60/70 year old grandmothers.
3. add points for professional class sellers. Well off folks are not so desperate that they would stick a stranger with their problem. (well mostly).
4. never, ever be in a hurry.
5. pray to whatever Gods there be that the force is with you.

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