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Thinking about an '05 300C

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Default Thinking about an '05 300C

Am seriously looking at a 300C w/ 26k miles on it. Have been reading this forum and test drove the car today. Some questions I'd appreciate some guidance on...especially from the technicians:

1) Have seen many posts on transmission issues. Were '05's more prone or less than '06 to these issues?

2) I tried to check trans fluid, it only had a "cap" no dipstick? Is that correct?

3) Can the VIN be ran at a dealer to check history?

4) Should you be able to notice MDS going on & off at highway speed...I did, though it was cruise control related or smething at first.

5) Big plume of white smoke at start up. Could be because it had been sitting and perhaps started multiple times without really running...Or a bigger problem

6) Overall, it seemed to run well, shifted nicely, and very responsive...I'm just nervous from the threads I've read.

Thanks, from a "newbie"
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Default RE: Thinking about an '05 300C

Dealer should be able to give you a history of service from the VIN. CarFax may be able to give you some similar info (and anything about collision repairs) from the VIN as well, but sometimes info is spotty.

Yes, these cars can have transmission issues, primiarly around a seal O-ring at the bottom of the fill tube (I think). There was/is a Tech. Service Bulletin to fix this sort of thing. You should be able to ask and get a straigh answer about whether the TSB has been performed on the '05 you're considering. Chances are that it has been done. No... there is no dip-stick (weird, I know).

Noticing MDS on or off is a function of the exhaust and your hearing. I've never really noticed it on our '05 (recently traded for a Magnum SRT8) or our '06 Heritage Edition 300C. It would be more noticed IF the car has an aftermarket exhaust.

I would be a slightly concerned about the smoke at start-up, but if not "blue" then it probably isn't oil related. Just something to ask the dealer about. If you are the second owner, the 7/70 powertrain warranty should transfer to you, and you can ask about extended warranty availability as well.
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Default RE: Thinking about an '05 300C

Thanks Goofy

Yep, the white plume bothered me as well, but have seen similar w/ my Marauder when it was "loaded up" from quick starts, no run time. Of course, when I saw it on the 300c, I also thought the worst, ie., head gasket, but smoke was equal from both pipes too though.
I also thought I saw in the threads that tranny issues were more so w/ 2.7 & 3.5 versions...correct? Another said Indiana builds were more prone too. This car is Canada build.

MDS thing is interesting. It was not exhaust note/tone I noticed, more very slight accel/decel, again almost like the cruise control was touching on & off which was what made me suspect MDS as I had not experienced before. Has me wondering as other threads, like yours claim not to notice it?

Thanks again
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Default RE: Thinking about an '05 300C

I believe the tranny IS made in Indiana, but they also are German in heritage. The motors are built in Mexico. The finally assembly is in Canada. I would be very surprised if the accell/decell you felt was related to MDS. Rather I think it probably was the cruise control (assuming you had it engaged) with slightly more speed allowance than I have ever observed in my rides. The only way to know for sure that MDS is ON or OFF, is to install an MDS "light" which will indicate when the signal goes to the oil solenoids to enable the 4-cyl. mode vs. 8-cyl. mode.
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Default RE: Thinking about an '05 300C

The Multi Displacement System selectively deactivates cylinders 1,4,6, and 7, to improve fuel economy. It has two modes of operation : [ul][*]8 cylinders for acceleraton and heavy loads.[*]4 cylinders for cruising and city traffic. [/ul] The main components of the Multi Displacement System are : [ul][*]Unique MDS camshaft.[*]Deactivating roller tappets.[*]4 control valves/solenoids.[*]control valve/solenoid wiring harness.[*]oil temp sensor. [/ul]
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Default RE: Thinking about an '05 300C

Thanks TECH,

Well drove two other 300Cs today and they did not have the same problem w/ MDS, so it appears to be unique to that one car. However, again I noticed a pretty good plum of white smoke from another 300, again 25k miles. Is this normal if they have been two cars that have done that?
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