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2005 Chrysler Pacifica Service Immobilizer?

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Default 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Service Immobilizer?

2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring, 3.5L, AWD
Bit of a story to be told here I am gonna give as much detail as I can but first the Issue.

Will start up and idle but with check engine, abs, brake, and traction lights on. both the temp and rpm gauges fluctuate randomly (but not Really high or low just around where they are supposed to be). No "Click" when brake is depressed and thus will not shift from park. Power Windows will not work nor will the power locks lock but they will unlock. All lights including dash board are solid light not flickering. 3 different code readers can not read the code during this either all 3 just report connection failure. With the car off the key fob can lock, unlock, panic, open and close the back gate. With the key in but only in the "on" position the codes can still not be read and the lower left display says "Service Immobilizer".

Now for the story.
A Friend of mine owned this car and a little over a year ago the fans stopped coming on when it would heat up he then:
-Switched around fuses.
-Replaced the fan relay.
-Replaced the PCM (Had it programmed with the vin and miles).
After this with no luck the car sat for around 13 months.

While Recently trying to fix the original problem by shear luck I found that a bundle of wires behind the drivers side headlight had a habit of wearing out. After checking behind the headlight i found that a few unprotected wires were pressing up against the A/C radiator hose and had melted through. I spliced and wrapped them and after jumping it and letting it run the fans came on. During this time the code P0700 had popped. But i moved on to other things at that time. The battery kept dying every night which i expected resetting everything every night. I Bought a battery charger with a "recover" mode for long drained battery's used it then had battery tested at a local autozone It tested good and I put it back in. I then changed the oil and rear brake shoes. Every night during this for about a week i would unhook the terminals from the battery to save the charge in case I had to let it sit for awhile again. After the work was done i stopped removing the battery each night. But upon starting it each day the check engine light came on with code U110C. Now for the last few days the problem outlined above started happening.

Last night I removed the negative terminal for 10min put it back to reset it all and then started the car for a few min and everything was ok. After coming back this morning it started up fine with no trouble lights, windows worked, power locks would unlock from the button but not lock still. With a buddy's help I even drove it around the block a few times and it went smooth with none of the issues. Parked it then jacked the front up to replace the wheel well guard I removed to check the PCM and before i left i started it up again to see if the lights were still off, But the main problem above had returned trouble lights,no windows, locks, Rpm and temp gauges fluctuating, and no shifting out of park. The key fob still works.

I have read a lot about some people having a few issues close to this but nothing i found was all of it at once. It feels to me its the security having issues or maybe the battery is the issue. I have hit a wall here so if anyone can think of anything i would appreciate it.
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Wow, lots of details there. Wish I could shine some light on the situation but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I do not have the experience. Hopefully one of the other guys on this site has some ideas..
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check the tpim video on youtube by south main auto. many of the problems in my pacifica have been from bad grounds along driver inner fender well under battery tray including one where almost all the symptoms you described happened due to ground 103
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This sounds like a grounding issue to me.

I'm a bit confused though, is the battery still draining overnight? If so I would check this out and try to see where the drain is on the system, many videos are on youtube for troubleshooting battery drain issues, they are fairly generic, so I would follow that. Although the draining may be due to the grounding issue.
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