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2007 Pacifica Noise while turning under acceleration

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Default 2007 Pacifica Noise while turning under acceleration

I just purchased a 2007 Pacifica Limited and it had an issue when I bought it I'm going to have to track down. The drivetrain/front end makes a very coarse, almost grinding noise but not quite a grind. Just a rough scraping noise of sorts. This occurs mostly when the vehicle is under acceleration and the wheel is turned slightly left or right. It is most noticeable at speed (35+) with moderate application of the throttle, but you can't hear it when you let off the throttle, even when turning. You FEEL the roughness, like a rough vibration when going slow but you don't hear it as much. When in drive with the engine idling (low rpm) you can feel how course it is, VERY similar to what a bad engine mount feels like. But I can't explain why it gets so bad when turning left or right when under acceleration- that doesn't sound like an engine mount. Perhaps I have more than one problem on my hand.

Are there any common issues with wheel bearings / CV joints / or engine mounts with a Pacifica of this year? It's the 2007 with 4.0L & 6 speed, has 129k miles. Car runs great and we drove it 400 miles to bring it home (I looked long and hard for a Limited that was in good condition) without any issues other than the roughness in the drivetrain/front end wherever it is originating. A quick inspection underneath the car hasn't shown anything suspicious, but I haven't taken wheels off yet to get a good look. Any help/suggestions/info that would help me pin this down would be greatly appreciated.
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Have a '05 Pac w/ 307k miles. The front sealed bearing hubs are the same PN as the '07 and my experience is that they ea lasted me about 130k. When left hub bearing went out, vehicle cornering to right would load left bearing and create left bearing noise. Pretty easy to diagnose.
But your noise seems to kick in equal volume when going left or right and varies with throttle application, something I have not experienced with my failing hub bearings.
Wish I could be more help. A inspection of the frequently failing engine mounts is in order (I have replaced all of mine on my 3.5, hopefully Chry improved them for the 4.0). Maybe something going on with the wheel bearings. For me, when I have such hard to diagnose Pac problems, I typically keep driving till the issue becomes readily identifiable..
PS - I have 307k on my CV joints, never seen factory CV joints last so long.

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Pretty sure what I'm experiencing is bad motor mounts on all sides. I replaced the timing belt last week, and had vehicle up in the air, tires off to get a good look at everything. CV joints, axles, wheel bearings all check out okay. The passenger side motor mount had rubber broken on all sides, so I replaced it with an OEM mount and that didn't help much. I suspect the two lower mounts are very bad, essentially metal on metal, determined by how much then engine moves when you press the accelerator. I've read this is a common problem on Pacificas of these years, the 4.0L engine has different mounts, but the application and placement is the same as the 04-06's. I will replace these next week and see if the noise/roughness goes away. If the problem persists only when cornering, I will check into wheel bearings. Thanks so much for the help. I was worried I bought a problem vehicle (lots of horror stories online about this model Pacifica) but I think replacing the two lower mounts will solve it, and if there's other issues it will make it that much easier to diagnose.
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