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Default chrysler voyager brake bleed

Brake bleed for Voyager or T&C 2005 3.3 V6:

Basic tools required for 2 person job:

3/8" spanner not socket. 9mm spanner is too small. 10mm spanner is too large.
5mm clear plastic hose about 1 meter
Dot 4 brake fluid - 1000ml for a proper flush - maybe more if fluid is dirty. Super dot 4 is not necessary.
Car jack and stand, wheel chocks. Level ground for jacking car.

Bleed in order : RH rear, LH rear, RH front, LH front. The brake fluid reservoir and master cylinder is on the LH side of vehicle (Australian right hand drive)

For each bleed nipple:
Top up brake fluid reservoir
Jack car up and support using stand, chock wheels
Nipple located on inside top of brake caliper
Remove rubber cap.

Attach plastic tube onto nipple. Loop tube upwards so that a portion of tube is always higher than nipple. Drain the other end into jar or old can

Start engine in neutral. (Make sure park brake applied)

One person to push brake pedal to pressurise system. One person to loosen nipple using 3/8" spanner 1/3 turn. When fluid movement in tube slows tighten nipple and release brake. Repeat until tube is full of fluid.

When tube is full of fluid, loosen nipple 1/3 turn and tell person in car to push on pedal then release - 5 times. Tighten nipple before final brake pedal release.
Top up brake fluid reservoir. Repeat again until fluid colour is same a new fluid.

After tightening nipple remove tubing and drain

Repeat for all 4 sides.
Make sure air does not reach the top of the plastic tube loop or into brake caliper.
Always tighten nipple before releasing brake pedal for the final time.
Top up brake fluid reservoir after final bleed

Dispose of used fluid into empty brake fluid bottle and discard according to environmental regulations.

When all sides completed, test brakes by pressing on brake pedal and watching bleed nipples for leaks. Test drive.

I activate the ABS unit by driving and then braking. This should mix some of the brake fluid. If the brake fluid was very dirty and discoloured, this job may need to be repeated after several activations of the ABS unit
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