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can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

Old 03-17-2007, 12:03 PM
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Default can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

as some of you may already know, i bought a '01 sebring coupe (3.0L auto) recently. and the car needs some tune-up.
so far, i changed the engine oil, top off all the fluids, and replaced the air filter. (the dealer already detailed the under the hood, so the car's sparking clean inside out)
and while i might have to think about whether i want to change the spark plugs myself (i'm already thinking bosch+4, what do you guys think?), i'm thinking of changing the brakes first.
i already bought pads, and rotors (fr+rr), and i also bought synthetic brake fluid(compatible to dot+3 and +4) since i wanted to change the brake fluid as well.
sorry, it got to this long, but the bottom line is i don't know how to bleed brake fluid. (i have a haynes manual, but it's kind of hard for me to understand)
so anybody who can tell me step by step how to bleed brake fluid, i'd appreciate it. (i also think it'll be helpful for others who want to do it themselves)
by the way, i bled brake fluid before with my friend who's a mechanic, but he moved out to another state and
that was years ago so i'm in dark here.
and for those who might suggest me taking the car to a bodyshop, let me just say that i want to learn how to do this, so i welcome all the help i can get. (as everyone had to go through their first time)

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Default RE: can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

no bosh only OE chrysler plugs. Flush the bakes u need 2 people one to pump and the other to crack the bleeder screw at the wheels. Fill the fluid up have some one pump it up 3 times and hold the brake to the floor. Start with the wheel that is the furthest from the master cyl then next closest.Do not have the other person pick up there foot from the brake up untill u have closed the screw or u will have sucked air into the system. Repeat the pumping and releasing of the screw about 5 time per wheel or untill the fluid color has changed to the new color of the fluid.
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Default RE: can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

thank you, chrysler tech.
it's kind of snowed in here, so i might have to postpone it awhile
but i'll keep posting once i'm done fixing the brake.

by the way, since i'm new at this.
are there any do's and don't's? (i'm not sure if it came out right)
anything i should be more cautious about?

seems pretty simple.
but i just want to make sure i don't mess up,
as this is my daily transportation.
(i'm thinking of fixing the brakes during the weekends, but just to be safe)
Old 03-21-2007, 10:24 AM
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Default RE: can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

no more snows here,
but i've decided to wait a little more. (brakes's still good for maybe few more months)
in the meantime, any more advises would be welcomed.
any kind of advises are fine with me, just from someone who's bled brake fluid before. (especially those who's already made mistakes here and there, as nobody's perfect)

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Default RE: can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

No worries 01CP, if you can change the pads on your own, the bleeding is simple. Chrysler Tech pretty much spelled it out for you. Make sure that you check the fluid level in the brake reseviour each time you bleed a caliber. You do not want to suck air from there. If you do not have someone that can assist you, most autoparts stores sell a simple device called a one man bleeder. They don't cost much at all. Just ask for it at the counter. I preffer using one of these because it elliminates the possibility of miscommunication. If someone lifts the pedal before you close the bleeder screw, you have to start all over. Lots o'fun. With the one man bleeder, you position the nipple of the device in the bleeder screw, with the screw closed. Pump the brake pedal a couple of times to build slight pressure, then go back and open the screw. Make sure to do this carefully, you do not want the nipple to fall out while opening the screw. Go back and pump the pedal 4 or 5 times, then close the screw tight. Pour the old fluid into a container for disposal. Alot of walking and squating involved. A friend helping is easier, but make sure the communication is clear. You yell "open" and open the screw, friend pumps 5 times then holds to the floor and yells "hold" and remains holding pedal to the floor. You close bleeder screw and yell "closed", friend can lift pedal. You will be the brake master before you know it.
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Default RE: can someone tell me how to bleed brake fluid?

thank you for the advise.(i'll definately inquire about the self-bleeder)
by the way, i like what you called me. (01CP)[sm=interesting.gif]
if you don't mind, i'd like to go by that name from now on.
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