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Engine Chirp noise ... HELP!!!

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Default Engine Chirp noise ... HELP!!!

Ok I need help. I have a 2001 Town country (87K miles) and this thing has an anoying chirping noise. The noise only happens when the van is hot and idoling. The dealer said it was the belt but they changed it and it still is doing it. Then I put a Goodyear Gator belt, which is supposed to stop the noise, but nooo. I have also tried spraying the belt with belt conditioner but it only helps for a week or so then it comes back. So if anyone has any ideas please send them to me.

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Default RE: Engine Chirp noise ... HELP!!!

I know this is an old post but it still needs an answer.
Your pulley/’s have become glazed, this happens when you get grit in the belt from sand and fine stones being tossed up and in the belt, these particles become embedded in the belt and then shine up the pulleys the chirp is when the belt slips slightly as it crosses the pulley. Generally, the chirping pulley is on one of the devices like P/S A/C or the Alternator when it becomes under a load.
My solution is this
1. Belt dressing is not nor was it ever intended for serpentine belts all you end up doing is saturating a belt and shortening its life as well as creating a sticky mess for the next person that has to fix your car.
2. as your engine runs turn the steering wheel and listen to see if the sound gets better or worse. You need to do this with the A/C as well, when it comes to the alternator you will need to place a load on the charging system without turning the A/C on ( this will defeat singling out one thing at a time. Turn your headlights and rear window defroster on for a while until you drain the battery enough that the alternator will have to work for a short time to recharge the system, after you drain the battery down a little then start the engine and listen you will then cause the Alternator to charge and place a drag on the belt system.
3. When you find the problem pulley/’s then you can remove the pulley and have it media blasted or replaced with a new one as you see fit.
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Default RE: Engine Chirp noise ... HELP!!!

i do have the same problem ... and beside this i also had a problem with this belt when it was raining....after i changed 5 belts in 2 yrs....i went to a dealer and i changed tennsioner and the belt.....the belt worked fine for 2wks it's squicking only in the morning (but every morning ..doesn't metter if it is raining) 5-10 mils is gone or is very low
i notice that if i turn on the AC the sound is lower and probably is gone in 1-2 miles
after i'll try to change the AC's pulley... do i have to change the belt again ( i have nightmare with this belts )
thank you
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Default RE: Engine Chirp noise ... HELP!!!


You mentioned turning the wheel... (2. as your engine runs turn the steering wheel and listen to see if the sound gets better or worse)

If the sound gets better when turning the wheel, where is the problem?
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I doubt they will answer you 6 years later.

Either go buy a Goodyear Gator belt and try that or get yourself a stethoscope ($10 AutoZone) and try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from.
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