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2 questions, Oil and Key

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Default 2 questions, Oil and Key

I have an oil question about my wife’s new to her 2006 Sebring with 11K. Being that I have owned Chrysler products for most of my life and never have I had a owners manual tell me I couldn’t run the oil longer then 6K. I read in the manual that I have to change the oil at least every 6K[:'(] ( I'm use to 12-15K oil changes in my Cummins) does this engine have an issue with oil shear? If it does then I need to get it switched over to synthetic oil ASAP and not wait until the next oil change.

When we bought the car on Saturday they had to give us a new Key FOB and the salesman programmed it and it will open the, trunk, lock and unlock the doors. Now when I use the new fob to start it the car will run only 2-3 second and then die, if so does that mean it has a anti theft chip in the key fob (something like my 06 2500 has that is built in to the key its self) that needs to be programmed by the dealers computer?
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Default RE: 2 questions, Oil and Key

your cummins had 3 gal of oil and 15 40 weight. I would not go more then 3500 or 4000 due to driving conditions and weather. Yeah if u want synthetic u haft to keep synthetic for the rest of the car. It says 6 k that is highway travel only city stop and go will eat that oil up in a heatbeat. Plus if u have a 2.7 engine and u go more then 4k max be ready to buy and engine around 40 or 50k with sludged up motor. They did not program the key the dealer has to enter the code that chrysler only has and have the key programed all that programed was the key fob.If u try and start the car with an unprogramed key more then 3 times u will lock out the system for an hour. Go get them to program the key it should not cost u anything because they lost one of the orginal keys and the sales department owes u that key program.
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Default RE: 2 questions, Oil and Key

I went to the dealership today and you are correct they will have to cut me a key (I have to take them the car & the ordinal key & fob to get it done) as it does have an anti theft device in the key. They forgot that the Sebring key has a chip in it, they said the Dodge Stratus does not so I can only assume they were thinking Stratus when they programmed & gave me the fob so I said I would go get a key made at Wall Mart as their was no one there to make a key. Oh I'll get by until I get one from the dealership, thou I'm gald I made them give me a fob for free as now they will have to get me a key too

Heck I was hoping that with good synthetic oil (not hydro cracked dino oil)like Redline being Amsoil only has their XL line 5w20 and I don't think its that good past 4,000 miles even thou they say 7500. When she drives to work 90% will be at 55 mph and 15 of the 18 miles to work are non-stop, so I thought it would of been OK to go to 6K oil changes with true synthetic oil. So I assume you think this engine has an oil shear and sludge problem that only allows it to go 3K on an oil change. I have never owned a Chrysler product in the last 12 years that I could not go 6K in between oil changes[sm=badbadbad.gif] Heck in her Neon I could go over 7000 if I wanted too with OA and it ran Amsoil 5w30. I know I’ll just have to get use to it[sm=headbang.gif]

I would of thought that DC, Ford & GMC would of learned from the mistakes & problems that Toyota had with their engines a few years ago and not let it happen to the current line of engines that DC has right now. Being I bought it and can’t take it back I guess all I can hope is that it will last until DC starts to put the new Cummins V6 in their SUV’s in 2010 and then buy her one as I know that Cummins makes a dam good engine.

BTW my CTD is on synthetic 5w30 oil and not 15w40 as it’s to cold to use such heavy oil here in N. Iowa. In fact it will be on 5w30 year round as I don’t tow heavy enough to use 15w40 in the summer time.
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