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08 300C 5.7 Bad Luck! Need some help.

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Default 08 300C 5.7 Bad Luck! Need some help.

Hello All,
My names Anthony, I'm in central jersey, where I can't seem to shake the black cloud that's following me. I'm hoping someone might have some advice with some of the issues I'm having . In hopes of saving money when I bring it for service in a couple of hrs. I should of posted this sooner but I'm on a Heres a couple of problems I'm having.

Out of nowhere the radio stopped functioning, Nothing would work not the Radio, Sat, AM FM, When you move the volume button nothing happens, And when in Sat it just says updatting channels. Even the uconnect and nav won;t work. But I recently as of yesterday found out it will play songs off my cell phone through AUX.
I'm not sure if this is related but happened right along with the radio is my driver side head lights are out, High and Low. When you first start the car, You see a quick blue light in the head lamp but then cuts out. I'd like to replace the bulb to check but I'm not sure what type of light it has, I bought the 906 bulb from wallmart but when I removed the rubber boot, it has a steel braided wire that goes to this V Clip which holds in this Metal Square Box. So I wasn't sure if these are HID's or what,.....
And right after thes two fun events I have this happen to me....which Is my Dumb A$$ fault.....
I decided to put a $45 intake off Ebay on my 2008 Chrysler 300C 5.7
its all I could afford at the time "-) The intake has been working great but a couple of weeks ago I had to replace the support arm which broke(Bent aluminum strip to support the intake). Because it snapped.
So I replaced it with what I thought was even a better idea then just a piece of twisted aluminum. Long story short,
I must of attached the support to high, and to strong because a week or so later I keep smelling this burning was always faintly, and being I'm a smoker I didn't give it much mind.
WHile I was washing her down, I opened the hood and almost had a heart attack, The intake was in pieces!! The only thing that was in place was the chrome tube suspended bye the support arm I came up with, the air filter and up tube lucky fell down onto the splash guard and couldn't rattle out because the up tube was still attached. But the Rubber Connector was stuck leaning against the fan, The fan belt ate the hell out of the rubber connector coudn't attach pic....) leaving a fine rubber dust all over the engine and a black suet on the butterfly of the throttle body....Think its called a butter
It was sucking up all this nasty dust so bad it caked up. I cleaned everything up and car seems to be running fine. What kind of service should I have done just to be sure it doesn't due any harm....or anymore harm then its already

So any idea what type of lights are in this car and around how much I'd pay at the dealer....I know its going to be more, which I don't mind if its a little more... But I'm going to a new dealer...or Chrysler service center after the bastards at Fullerton Screwed me for the last time.

Thanks sorry if this is all over the place, I'm going on 44hrs... and bout to lye down before service appointment.
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Just pay the dealer to tell you what is wrong with the car then fix it yourself. Better than trying to guess, not too many issues on a car you can diagnose online without seeing of hearing or smelling the car.
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Default Very True!!

I was in operation "not getting ripped off"
I had so many bad experiences at my local dealer (Fullerton, Somerville NJ)
For example, a couple of months after I purchased the car (New) it started running funny.... Its lags, and the reaction time was no where near what it was. So I must of brought the car to them at least 8 times, Finally they said they found the problem, a couple of valves were bad or something like that but they repaired two of the, cleaned the injectors and did something else I can't remember... But I waited at least 5-6hrs for them to fix it.... When the service men comes back with my keys he says " do you mind if we skip the paper work....were running a little behind...It would really help me out!!" Trying to be a nice guy I said sure... Little did I know it was so the repairs they did weren't on record.. Cause sure enough when it started happening again a year later and even though it wasn't in the computer..the guy "Anthony" Who F#*$( me was still when I was explaining to the new lady that handles our car she knew what the hell they did.. SO I found Anthony and rehashed the events and he was like a deer in head lights .. face went all pale and don't you know he looked dead in my face and lied.
Then I couldn't get rid of this squeal everytime I stepped on the brakes ..da da da da da d ad ad aadaddad....and itwas like a Pig was gettn slaughterd. The cars front end would shake.The good people at Fullerton, said its more then likely the rotors. Its definetly not the pads. The car only had about 6k miles on it. So to try and get that damn squealing shaking to stop I paid $200 for new rotors when the ones they just took off were still like new., That was the guys actual words.. "Like new" SO I told them I want the Rotors that are comming off the car because there still new. If I have to I ll live with the squeal should I need them.... Well when I got my keys back I went to the car and sure enough no rotors.... So I go back in and ask where there at.... Ohhh I'm sorry I forgot... There in the dumpster and it was just picked up.... Pissed off I get in the car and the second I step on the brakes da da da da da da and an even higher pitch squeal... Go back and and there's nothing they can do... BUt said well we can change the pads now.... Wait I thought you said it defitnetly wasn't the pads... He had the ***** to say he'd only charge me the cost of the pads.. Another $200.... This is just a few of problems i've had with there service dept. Buying the car was an excellent experience.. But the service dept is $hit. so I finally was going to fleminton to get my car fixed which they told me come back monday.. it was to late... so I asked them why they gave me an appointment for this time if it was to late....I can't win.
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Well, I don't know really your problem, better off just stating the problem, not the story with, but as I didnt wanna read all that mess, I caught a bit, and maybe you figured out, and also didnt catch you model, but in you inside fuse block compartment, look for a fuse usually in the center, trick is, its gonna be in a black pull out fuse holder, its your IOD fuse controls security features that companys wanna keep on, so to keep u from kill your door chime, they add the good stuff on it, radio, interior light,heat, yea, all the basics.
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